About the Apereo Foundation

The next big thing will a lot of small things.

The Apereo Foundation, established in 2012, is a non-profit organization that supports and develops open source software for higher education institutions. The foundation's mission is to assist academia in developing, adopting, and maintaining open source software for teaching, learning, and research.

Apereo fosters a community-driven approach, where institutions collaborate to co-create code, share best practices, and collectively shape the direction of projects. The foundation also provides support, resources, and a collaborative space for its member institutions to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of their open source initiatives.

By promoting open source solutions, Apereo aims to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and drive innovation in education. It serves as a hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing among organizations with a common interest in open source software and a goal of high-quality education.


  • Campus faculty, researchers, and staff are committed to extending education through open source software.
  • Developers, technologists, and administrators dedicated to delivering quality software.
  • Community managers and advocates dedicated to promoting software freedom and excellence in education. 
  • Institutional and commercial leaders driving adoption through enterprise innovation.


  • Open source software initiatives delivering state-of-the-art technologies for academia by academia.
  • Communities of interest are dedicated to the advancement of open source–and openness–throughout educational institutions, governments, and industries.


  • Resources for those just discovering the value and quality of open source and those already committed to open communities of practice.
  • References to peer communities and partners.
  • Activities and events building and extending networks. 
  • Professional development opportunities providing mentors and mentorship, co-creation, and career advancement.
  • Services to support the broad range of needs for sustainable open source software development, implementation, and management.


  • Accessible: transparent communication with diverse and inclusive stakeholders.
  • Collaborative: self-organizing, self-organized, and self-directed groups.
  • Authentic: honest participation and reflection in behavior and practice.
  • Agile: evidence-based decision-making, emergent, incremental, and iterative development.