At Trifork, we create smarter solutions that make life easier for everyone. With vast amounts of experience within the EdTech sector, Trifork provides solutions that can be integrated with, and work alongside, multiple systems. Trifork offers personalised Learning Management Solutions (LMS) for both educational and enterprise environments, with clients including large-scale institutions, leading universities, and enterprises. Solutions to our educational institutions often include our flexible Exam Player. Our well-rounded player helps deliver case-dependent modular solutions, and applies Open Standards like Question Test Interoperability (QTI) and Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI).

To create these applications, Trifork deploys Sakai as a leading software platform within the eLearning industry. Sakai is based on an open-source community and is effectuated with dynamic and scalable needs in mind. As official partners for Sakai in the Western market, Trifork helps support organisations and institutions in their transition to achieving more technologically adapted LMS landscapes.