The TWSIA (Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award) has been part of the Sakai/Apereo community since 2008 when it first called for submissions in innovation in teaching and learning using Sakai. Over the years it has expanded to include other systems such as OAE and more recently Karuta. TWSIA has a global reputation and has selected winners from disciplines as diverse as healthcare, computer science, liberal arts, education, fashion, and more.

The committee is excited to announce that we are expanding even further in 2016.  After much deliberation we would like to present the new name “ATLAS” (Apereo Teaching and Learning AwardS) to the Apereo Community. We are hoping with this re-envisaging that we will reach a much broader audience in the Apereo community and welcome applications that demonstrate innovations in teaching and learning using not only Sakai, OAE, and Karuta, but also Xerte and Opencast. 

The ATLAS committee is now finalizing the application process and materials in accordance with this expansion. Stay tuned for further details. We will make a full announcement before the end of 2015. 

ATLAS Application is now open for 2016!