LAI Community Contact Information

Open. Learning Analytics. Community. 

The aims of the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative (Apereo LAI) are to accelerate the operationalization ofLearning Analytics software and frameworks, support the validation of analytics pilots across institutions, and working together so as to avoid duplication.

If you are interested in working towards a community sourced learning analytics infrastructure, incubating software, sharing requirements, cross validating analytics pilots, while working in a wider community of interest then please join the analytics[at]apereo[dot]org mailing list or contact the LAI coordinator analytics-coordinator[at]apereo[dot]org

To subscribe or unsubscribe

Send an email to the relevant email address by adding "+subscribe" or "+unsubscribe" to the email address. Sending an email to analytics+subscribe[at]apereo[dot]org will subscribe you to the analytics[at]apereo[dot]org email list.

Google App Institutions

If you are part of an institution that uses Google Apps, and your institutional settings do not allow you to post via the web forum, you should be able to send email to the list, just not post via the web. 
In some cases, your institutional settings may not allow you to subscribe using the email method nor using the web. In this case, please email the list owner to subscribe using the formula (list)+owner[at]apereo[dot]org or contact the LAI coordinator analytics-coordinator[at]apereo[dot]org.

Google Group

Apereo Analytics google group -