Open Apereo 2019

Open Apereo 2019

The Higher Education Open Source Conference

June 2nd to 6th | Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza

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Open Apereo 2019 is an international, inclusive event offered by the Apereo Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and sustaining innovative open-source software solutions for education. Learn how higher education is using open-source software to help deliver the academic mission, control costs, and retain the capacity to innovate.

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Apereo conferencesTeam-building. Collaboration. Inspiration. Institutional Experience. Networking.


  • Choose from over 60 sessions and 8 workshops across five inspiration-packed days
  • Learn how higher education is using open-source software to help deliver the academic mission, control costs, and retain the capacity to innovate
  • Participate in an inclusive international event with attendees from over 100 institutions spanning five continents
  • Meet, network, and interact with members from the Apereo projects
  • Expand your areas of interest by developing an understanding of other areas of the academic enterprise
  • Learn from real-world experiences that can inform your institutional practice and strategy
  • Located this year in the heart of downtown Los Angeles

Who Should Attend

  • Institutional Leaders
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Instructional Designers
  • Developers

About Apereo

Apereo is a network of institutions like yours, where you can share experiences, learn from the experiences of others, and discover new collaborators. Apereo supports software used in thousands of educational institutions worldwide. Software developed and maintained by the Apereo Community include: Sakai, CAS, uPortal, Karuta, Apereo OAE, Bedework, Student Success Plan, Opencast, ELMS:LN, openEQUELLA, UniTime, and Xerte. In addition, Apereo's incubation process supports new projects as they find the path from innovation to sustainability.

Learn more about Apereo’s Projects and Communities

Learn more about Apereo

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Full Conference Registration USD $599 USD $730
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Full Conference Registration USD $765 USD $870
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Full Conference Registration USD $320
One-Day Registration USD $110
Pre-Conference Workshops (per half-day session)
With Conference Registration USD $40
Pre-Conference Day ONLY USD $60


PAYMENT POLICY: Payment for the full amount of registration fees must be made prior to or on the first day of the conference. To qualify for the early registration rates, your registration form AND payment must be received no later than May 3, 2019. All registrations received or unpaid after this date will be processed at the regular registration rate.


CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations received on or before the cut-off date of May 3, 2019 are eligible for a refund of fees paid, less a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellations received between May 3 and May 24 are eligible for a 50% refund of fees paid. No refunds will be issued after the May 24 deadline.


Rates are given in U.S. dollars. Credit cards will be billed in U.S. dollars, and the individual financial institutions will convert at the prevailing exchange rate.

Open Apereo 2019 Schedule Overview

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June 6
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Open Apereo 2019 Preconference Sessions

Full Day Pre-Conference Sessions

Make Web Development Fun Again, with Web Components

Speaker: Bryan Ollendyke

Somewhere along the last decade the web went from really accessible to everyone (inspect, click, edit) to requiring complex build routines and application development methodology just to make a button that clicks to set an alert message. The ELMS:LN team has stared down the monster and come up with a technology and workflow solution that can empower any developer to speed up the development of any project, Apereo or otherwise.

Web components, a browser specification has been adopted by Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera! Recent Edge announcements mean it'll be natively supported there too!

There's still a ton to know in order to do web components and instead of having to lern Gulp, Roll-up, Polymer CLI, Lerna, NPM/Yarn publishing, compiling for multiple browser, the web component standard, data binding, and every other concept involved to just make that button issue an alert.. we've automated all of it. The entire learning curve of getting into building, managing, publishing, compiling, and implementing web components we've boiled down to a single library called WCFactory. Our team has used this tooling to develop and publish over 160 webcomponents that work on any website! This workshop will include the following agenda:

  • What, Why, How, When, and Can I use web components?
  • Library differences
  • Installing and using WCFactory sustainably
  • Quick review of what's powerring WCFactory
  • Identifying and build web components that could leverage
  • Participants will pick which elements they'd like to attempt and instructors will help build
  • Wiring a component up to HAX authoring system (itself, a series of web components) 

Morning Pre-Conference Sessions

Getting Started with uPortal 5 

Speaker: Drew Wills 

uPortal is the leading open source portal framework developed by and for higher education institutions, K-12 school systems, and research communities.  uPortal continues to evolve and innovate through the contributions of a global community of academic institutions, commercial affiliates, and non-profit foundations.

This partially hands-on workshop is for anyone who looking for a technical introduction to uPortal as well as those looking to update their uPortal expertise based on the latest features, technologies, and best practices. In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Setting up a local demo & development environment
  • Implementing an institutional portal with uPortal-start
  • uPortal configuration patterns
  • Working with uPortal data
  • The role of uPortal Core Subsystems:  Authentication, User Attributes, Groups, Layouts, and Content Objects
  • Skinning the portal
  • Updating uPortal to newer versions

Getting Started with Usability Testing 

Speaker: Jolie Tingen 

Are you interested in improving the usability of your product but don’t know where to start?  This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of usability testing and research.  We will cover how to select participants, how to select tasks for testing, and best practices when moderating tests.  After covering the basics, we will work in teams to conduct an in-class usability test with real-world issues. Strategies for analyzing and sharing results will also be covered.

    openEQUELLA - An Introduction

    Speaker: Chris Beach

    openEQUELLA is a digital repository that provides a single platform to house your teaching, learning, research, media, and library content. openEQUELLA has been deployed for copyright resource collections, research materials, managing and exposing materials through websites and portals, content authoring, workflow, institutional policy, and organizational resources. openEQUELLA is currently in use in a wide range of schools, universities, colleges, TAFEs, departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide.

    With over 10 years of history, the platform is a mature solution written for the Java platform.  In its recent history, openEQUELLA was proprietary software licensed to adopters by Pearson. openEQUELLA graduated from the Apereo Incubation process last year, and is now open source.

    Come learn what openEQUELLA can do, and how it can provide industry-leading Content Management System / Learning Object Repository capabilities to your Portal, Learning Management System, or other systems on campus.  Come learn about the developer community around the application, the current roadmap, and how you can get involved. Come learn how to deploy and upgrade EQUELLA, tie in integrations, configure, and customize the application.  

    Time will be allotted to get openEQUELLA running on participant's laptops, guide them in the foundations of the application, and discuss how they can enhance their current CMS/LOR solution with openEQUELLA.  Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop with Docker installed (demos will be run on Docker 18.06.1-ce).

    Afternoon Pre-Conference Sessions

    Introducing UniTime

    Speakers: Zuzana Mullerova, Tomas Muller

    UniTime is a comprehensive educational scheduling system that supports developing course and examination timetables, managing changes to these timetables, sharing rooms with other events, and scheduling both students and instructors to individual classes.

    This half-day workshop will cover a walk through all the various components of UniTime. The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the existing UniTime functionality and how it can be used with various timetabling needs of an institution of higher education. We will also talk about the integration of UniTime with other systems at a university.

    An exclusive demo instance of UniTime will be available during and after the workshop where the participants will be able to interact with some of the material covered during the workshop. We hope to do some hands-on during the workshop too.

    The participants of the workshop are invited to ask questions at any time, especially if they already have some experience with UniTime, to help steer the workshop. You can also send us any questions you would like to get answered during or after the workshop beforehand at 

    Opencast: the open source solution for video capture, processing and distribution at scale

    Speaker: Stephen Marquard

    Opencast is a flexible, scalable and reliable video capture, distribution, and management system for academic institutions, which can meet needs all the way from large-scale lecture capture applications to supporting self-service video studios.

    The workshop will be led by experienced Opencast community members, and focus on the needs of participants, so if you sign up, you can set the agenda whether you're a newcomer or veteran. Possible topics include:

    • What's new in recent Opencast releases (versions 5 and 6), and what you can expect to see in Opencast 7.
    • The Opencast road-map.
    • Integrating Opencast with popular LMSes (including Sakai) via LTI, user providers and plugins
    • Video captioning for accessibility
    • Trends in campus video capture and distribution 

    Sakai QA Testathon

    Speaker: Jolie Tingen 

    The Sakai QA Testathon is back again this year! It's like a hackathon, but for QA testing. Come join us for a hands-on session where you become part of the Sakai QA team. We will provide information to "onboard" you as a QA tester, and then guide you step by step to sign up for a Jira account, find a Jira to test, review the Test plan, perform the testing and update the Jira. The full test cycle! Be a part of making Sakai better with real, live contribution. Bring your laptop and we will provide the rest. No programming experience needed.

    Developing Web Components for uPortal 5

    Speaker: Drew Wills 

    The last twelve months have seen big changes in the way we think about and develop user interface components for uPortal.  Beginning with version 5.1 (May 2018), uPortal supports Web Components as first-class members of the uPortal Ecosystem.

    Web Components are more conventional (in terms of how you would approach coding them), much faster to develop, and vastly more modern than Java Portlets.  As we head into mid-2019, Web Components are rapidly becoming the focus for front-end development in the portal.

    This workshop is a semi-hand-on introduction to Web Components and how to use them in uPortal.  Participants will learn about:

    • The four web standards that make up the Web Components specification
    • Using Node.js to build  Web Components
    • A few important Node modules like Babel and Webpack
    • Building Web Components in Vue
    • How to add Web Components to uPortal and use them on the page

    Event Venue

    Open Apereo 2019 will be held at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza.

    Hotel Accommodations

    Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza
    251 South Olive Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    General website:
    Open Apereo 2019 Booking Link:

    Group Room Rate: USD $199, per night
    (plus applicable taxes)

    Room rate is inclusive of guest room wifi

    Rate availability: May 30 - June 10, 2019 (subject to availability)

    Please note that the Apereo Foundation is obligated to fulfill certain contractual obligations with the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza by having attendees fill a set number of guest rooms. By staying at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel you help to ensure that funds go toward the event and the organization's mission, not toward paying for empty hotel rooms. Additionally, we've heard time and again how valuable networking and "hallway conversations" are to attendees of Open Apereo and it's sister events. By staying at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel you greatly increase your odds of having those kinds of meaningful interactions when moving around the hotel during the event.


    Networking Opportunities

    The Open Apereo conference is a great opportunity to socialize and network with your professional colleagues. We will be organizing a few social activities and networking events to do just that. Some of the events will require a sign-up during the registration process. See below for the options available during registration and for some items to do on your own.

    Social Activities

    Please be sure to register for all social activities that you plan to attend. Some of the activities require payment in advance, and some don’t, but we would like to get a headcount for both paid and non-paid activities for planning purposes.

    Sunday evening

    Open Apereo 2019 Welcome Reception - 5:00pm - 6:30pm at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel
    (included with conference registration)

    Monday evening

    Open Apereo Evening Reception - 5:00pm - 6:00pm at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel
    (included with conference registration)

    Dine-Around at approximately 7:00pm - more information on restaurants available now on the Dine-Around Sign Up Sheet

    • Attendees are responsible for their own food and beverages
    • See Dine-Around Sign Up Sheet for more information on specific reservation times

    OUE Skyspace Los Angeles

    • See LA from new heights! You can even ride the thrilling Skyslide if you dare! (Slide admission included with group ticket)
    • Admission time 7pm, meet in the hotel lobby at 6:30pm to walk to the attraction as a group
    • Minimum of 10 tickets for group pricing
    • Cost: $28 per person

    Movie Night at TLC Chinese Theater

    • Plan to catch a movie with your friends at the iconic Chinese Theater! Movies and showtimes will vary depending on what is playing in June. Closer to the date we will announce what film and showing the group will be attending. Register for this activity to be notified about group movie arrangements.
    • Attendees are responsible for their own ticket purchases and transportation to the theater. (Tip: Metro Red Line runs from Civic Center near hotel to Hollywood and Highland.)
    • Departure time TBA

    Tuesday evening

    Dine-around at approximately 7:00pm - more information on restaurants available now on the Dine-Around Sign Up Sheet

    • Attendees are responsible for their own food and beverages
    • See Dine-Around Sign Up Sheet for more information on specific reservation times

    Downtown Walking Tour

    • Explore Los Angeles' Historic Downtown with your fellow attendees. This private group walking tour will last approximately 2.5 hours.
    • Tour departs at 5pm from Pershing Square, meet in the hotel lobby at 4:40pm to walk to the tour starting location.
    • Group reservations require a 12 person minimum, therefore booking early ensure that we can proceed with the private tour!
    • Cost: $20 per person

    Hollywood Star Tour

    • Take a 3-hour driving tour that features the glitz, glamour, and celebrities of Hollywood. Sights include the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theater, Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills mansions, and a trip down Rodeo Drive and the Sunset Strip.
    • Tour departs at 7pm, meet in the lobby at 6:50pm for group hotel pick-up.
    • Group reservations require a 10 person minimum, therefore booking early ensure that we can proceed with the private tour!
    • Cost: $35 per person

    Wednesday afternoon


    Why Attend Open Apereo 2019

    Affordability of education has become a key issue, not simply for students and educational institutions, but for society as a whole. Open source software can be a key element in developing an institutional IT strategy that focuses on enhancing student success, while helping to control costs.


    At Open Apereo 2019, you’ll find out more about how your institution can engage with open source software and the communities that support it. You’ll learn how open source works, and how it can work for your institution. You’ll see first-hand how a community responds to the challenges of today by innovating for tomorrow. Above all, you’ll return with real data based on real-world experiences of development and deployment that can inform your institutional practice and strategy.


    Open Apereo 2019 is an international, inclusive event offered by the Apereo Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and sustaining innovative open-source software solutions for education.


    At the Conference

    Ad Hoc Meeting Rooms: Ad Hoc Meeting spaces will be available for first-come, first-served usage during conference hours. More information will be available soon regarding availability and how to sign up.


    Lightning Talks are fun, five-minute presentations, clumped together for an exciting and fast-paced way to share and gather new information. We invite you to come share your knowledge, tricks and techniques or join us in learning from others in the Apereo Community. More information will be provided about timing and location.


    Presenter's Resources

    Open Apereo 2019 Presentation Slides coming soon...

    Have Some Fun

    The greater Los Angeles area is a vast and sprawling metropolis with many cities, neighborhoods, and micro-communities. We have compiled a list of suggestions for things to do and places to visit while you are here. Have some fun in the California sun with a few of these on-your-own activities!

    Summer Metro

    Los Angeles Metro has a list of common summer destinations accessible by train or bus.


    There are many, many restaurants and eateries in the LA area. First, you'll notice that restaurants have a letter grade on the door. This is a rating of cleanliness from the city. You want to eat at an "A" restaurant. Less than an "A" means the establishment hasn't met all health codes.  


    You can learn more here:

    Social General Info and Top Picks






    US $



    Distance from Omni Hotel

    Bottega Louie - Yelp

    Italian, Bakeries, Brunch


    700 S Grand Ave

    Los Angeles, CA 90017


    8 min walk, 0.4 miles

    Grand Central Market - Yelp

    Diverse Food Court: cuisines and cultures of LA


    317 S Broadway

    Los Angeles, CA 90013


    6 min walk, 0.2  miles

    Otium - Yelp

    American Restaurant


    222 S Hope St

    Los Angeles, CA 90012


    4 min walk, 0.2 miles

    Kues Restaurant - Yelp

    Asian Bistro and Bar (Asian Fusion)


    800 W 6th St

    Los Angeles, CA 90017


    12 min walk, 0.6 miles

    Marugame Monzo - Yelp

    Japanese Restaurant in Little Tokyo



    329 E 1st St

    Los Angeles, CA 90012


    14 min walk, 0.6 miles

    Maccheroni Republic - Yelp

    Italian, Wine bars


    332 S Broadway

    Los Angeles, CA 90013


    8 min walk, 0.4 miles

    Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar - Yelp



    350 S Grand Ave

    Los Angeles, CA 90071


    2 min walk, 0.2 miles

    Preux & Proper - Yelp

    American Restaurant, Southern, Cocktail Bars


    840 S Spring St

    Los Angeles, CA 90014


    20 min walk, 0.9 miles



    Little Ethiopia


    The Eveleigh







    US $



    Distance from Omni Hotel

    Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar - Yelp

    American Restaurant and Bar


    350 S Grand Ave

    Los Angeles, CA 90071


    2 min walk, 0.2 mi

    Birds & Bees - Yelp

    Cocktail Bars


    207 S Broadway

    Los Angeles, CA 90012


    6 min walk, 0.3 miles

    Library Bar - Yelp

    American, Cocktail Bar


    630 W 6th St

    Ste 116-A

    Los Angeles, CA 90017


    10 min walk, 0.5 miles

    Perch - Yelp

    French Rooftop Lounge


    448 S Hill St

    Los Angeles, CA 90013


    8 min walk, 0.3 miles

    Seven Grand - Yelp

    Lounge, Whiskey Bar


    515 W 7th St

    Fl 2

    Los Angeles, CA 90014


    12 min walk, 0.6 miles

    Rhythm Room LA - Yelp

    Bars, Jazz and Blues


    206 W 6th St

    Los Angeles, CA 90014


    13 min walk, 0.6 miles

    The Varnish









    Discover Los Angeles

    Links to options big and small.

    Hollywood Sign

    A popular symbol of LA.

    Hollywood and Highland, incl. Mann's Chinese Theater

    See the Chinese, glimpse the Hollywood Sign from the observation level, see the El Capitan Theatre across the street, gawk at people dressed in costume. A short subway trip from downtown.

    Griffith Park


    La Brea Tar Pits

    LACMA next door. Petersen across street.

    Beverly Hills


    Santa Monica Pier

    Rides, food, beach...

    Venice Beach

    Famous or infamous?

    Venice Beach Boardwalk

    Not to be missed! Take a walk along the Pacific Ocean at Southern California’s number one visitor attraction.


    Culture, food, shops, and more. Downtown LA.

    Union Station

    Check out the architecture. Downtown LA.

    Olvera Street

    Culture, food, shops, and more. One of the oldest parts of downtown.

    Little Tokyo,_Los_Angeles

    Culture, food, shops, and more. Downtown LA.

    Queen Mary

    Long Beach

    LA Conservancy Walking Tours



    The Arts, Museums

    There are many great art and history museums in Los Angeles. Here are some resources to explore and just a few options to consider:




    Discover the Arts in Los Angeles

    Resource to find deals for numerous museums, plays, etc.

    LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

    An amazing museum, including two new complexes. Check our BCAM for contemporary art.


    Two locations, one in LA off the 405 and one at the coast on Pacific Coast Hwy. Both are amazing!

    MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art

    South Grand Ave near Pershing Square exit.

    The Broad

    A contemporary art museum in downtown Los Angeles.

    Annenberg Space for Photography

    A small space, but great photography. In 1-2 hours, you'll see it all and be ready for your next adventure in LA.

    Petersen Automotive Museum

    If you're a car nut, this place is for you. Just across the street from LACMA.

    Hollywood Bowl

    Music, performances.

    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Not sure if there will be performances, but worth a look!

    Ahmanson Theater, Mark Taper Forum

    If a play's your thing, check out these great venues.

    Griffith Observatory

    Great view of LA, planetarium, and much more!

    The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

    In San Marino-Pasadena.

    Independent Shakespeare at Griffith Park


    Shakespeare. Griffith Park. Check schedule to see if playing during conference.

    Autry Museum Of Western Heritage

    Learn about the American West.

    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

    Exhibits on earth's biodiversity.

    California Science Center

    Home of Space Shuttle Endeavor.

    Los Angeles Central Public Library

    Check out the art and architecture.

    Culver City Art District

    Cool place to explore contemporary art for sale.

    Bergamot Station

    Cool place to explore contemporary art for sale.


    The Beach

    The main beach communities of the Los Angeles Area are, from north to south: Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa del Rey, and Manhattan Beach. Unfortunately, Downtown LA is on the east side of town, so in order to dip your toes in the Pacific, you'll need a car, bus, or train. Access to the beaches is free, but parking is not (in most locales).


    If you're looking for suggestions, here is a link to recommendations for 15 great LA area beaches.


    Please be aware that we sometimes have coastal fog in June. It usually burns off by midday, but it is something to be aware of. Learn more:


    Amusements Parks, Rides, and Zoos





    In Anaheim. A significant commute from downtown LA.

    Universal Studios

    A short freeway drive from downtown LA. Accessible via the Metro Red line.

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    In Santa Clarita/Valencia. A commute from downtown LA.

    Knott's Berry Farm

    A significant drive. Not as impressive as the other major parks.

    Santa Monica Pier

    Carnival-style rides and games, food, beach...

    LA Zoo

    Great for kids. Gene Autry Museum across the street.

    Aquarium of the Pacific

    Long Beach. A significant commute from downtown LA.

    Warner Bros Studio Tours

    In Burbank, CA a short drive from downtown LA.


    Hiking, Outdoors




    Griffith Park


    Los Angeles Mountains

    Trails, parks, etc.

    The Strand

    Biking path


    Off the Beaten Path




    Adamson House, Malibu

    Beautiful location, learn about Malibu history, amazing tile.

    Bergamot Station Art Center, Santa Monica

    A collection of art galleries with new and old art and photography for sale.

    Bradbury Building, Downtown LA


    Culver City Art District

    A collection of art galleries with new and old art and photography for sale.

    Gamble House, Pasadena

    Architecture. Pasadena. Might remember it from Back to the Future.

    Grand Central Market

    Food, etc.

    Graystone Mansion, Beverly Hills

    Nice grounds, good view, free...

    Hollyhock House, Hollywood

    Frank Lloyd Wright. 'Nuff said.

    LA Metro Art

    The art at bus stations, rail stations, etc.

    MAK Center at the Schindler House, West Hollywood

    Art and architecture.

    The World Famous Magic Castle

    If you know a magician or member, ask for passes... it's worth the trip!

    Angel City Brewery


    Noho Arts District


    El Pueblo de Los Angeles

    Historical monument



    More places than can be mentioned here. Just a sample:




    The Last Bookstore

    “20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World” – Flavorwire “Best Bookstore in Downtown LA” by LA Weekly

    Americana - Glendale

    Popular new mall.

    Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive

    Iconic. Expensive.

    Beverly Center

    Not in Beverly Hills, but a mall nonetheless.

    3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica

    Open-air walking mall. Moments away from Santa Monica pier and beach. Another major mall next door. A commute from downtown LA.

    The Grove

    Another popular open-air mall. Farmer's market nearby.

    Hollywood and Highland

    See the sights, buy some things. Mann's Chinese next door, El Capitan Theatre across the street.

    Los Angeles Farmer's Market


    Los Angeles Fashion District, Flower District


    Universal City Walk

    At the steps to Universal Studios.


    Sports, Concerts, and Other Activities




    Staples Center

    Lakers, Clippers, Kings, concerts, etc.

    LA Dodgers


    Dodger Stadium

    Home of the Dodgers

    Anaheim or LA Angels

    Home of the Angels

    The Greek Theatre

    Concerts, etc.

    Microsoft Theater

    Concerts, etc.

    The Forum

    Concerts, etc.

    House of Blues Los Angeles


    Sunset Strip

    Concerts, comedy, etc.

    Shatto 39 Lanes (Old School Bowling Lanes)

    Arcades, Billiards, Bowling, Bar, and More

    Los Angeles Club Crawl

    4 clubs for $25

    Starting location varies

    Ohjah Lounge


    The Troubadour

    Live music

    Whisky A Go Go

    Iconic rock venue on Sunset Strip


    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Open Apereo 2019 takes place from June 2nd to 6th at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza. The conference will showcase the work of Apereo communities, provide networking opportunities for participants, and will feature keynote speakers from the broader higher education community.


    The products of our software communities - Sakai, uPortal, CAS, the Open Academic Environment, Bedework, Opencast, UniTime, Karuta, Xerte, the Apereo Learning Analytics Stack, Tsugi, POET and EDexchange – are designed and built by education, for education. They are also potential contributors to what Educause have called the “Next Generation Digital Learning Environment” – a more flexible component and component-based environment to support academic practice.


    Open Apereo is the primary face-to-face networking event on the Apereo calendar. It’s a great place to meet, discuss, and build partnerships that have a positive impact on the education landscape. The event depends, to a significant degree, on commercial sponsorship. Sponsorship lets us keep the registration fee low and encourage attendance by our diverse and distributed community. If you are interested in participating as a sponsor or obtaining more information, please email us at conference[at]apereo[dot]org.

    Teaching and Learning

    Open Apereo 2017 - the open source conference for education - takes place in Philadephia June 4th to 7th. There's a great program in store for those interested in teaching and learning, including ...

    A keynote from Malcolm Brown, Director of the Educause Learning Initiative

    "The Next-Generation Digital Learning Environment: A Keystone for Student Success" will focus on the relationship between the vision of an agile, flexible and robust learning environment and student success.

    Sakai Community update

    The past year has been very eventful for Sakai. The Sakai-11 release was completed with the new frameless (Morpheus) portal, new Grade Book, responsive design, and many other game changing features to bring Sakai very much in line with the best LMS systems in the marketplace. A large number of Sakai sites are moving their production to Sakai 11 and we are working on a Sakai-12 release. This presentation will will give a brief summary of the Sakai project to date as well as expectations for the next year.

    Piloting the Karuta Open Source Portfolio for Learning, Assessment, Reporting and Showcasing

    Experience a variety of open source templates for using the Karuta Open Source Portfolio for learning, assessment, reporting, and/or showcasing. Consider LTI integration of Karuta with your instance of Sakai or use Karuta as a stand-alone portfolio platform

    Tsugi Update: Progress towards the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

    Tsugi enables the production of a truly "next generation" Learning Management System that enables an "indie" publisher to deploy a topic-oriented, LMS, MOOC, LOR, and App Store using low-cost readily available hosting infrastructure. Come find out more!

    Enabling Institutional Capability for Formative Assessment Strategies

    Hear how the University of Limerick is working with Sakai and Big Blue Button to provide new virtual classroom assessment opportunities.

    The Sakai Rubrics Project

    Adding the functionality of grading rubrics to Sakai as a native tool. A collaborative community effort to rubric integrations with Sakai Assignments and Gradebook.

    Learning Analytics for Actionable Learner Data Collection

    Using xAPI to generate actionable data for learners, faculty, designers and program managers

    Using Opencast as the cornerstone for the delivery of interactive, annotated multimedia learning

    Using Sakai and Tsugi for delivery. The shifting landscape of higher education in South Africa is providing abundant incentive for faculty to examine their current lecture structure and to look at incorporating additional learning technologies. Part of our ongoing delivery is focused on supporting faculty in producing audio and video resources for improved learning opportunities.


    ... this, fantastic networking opportunities and much, much more

    The full program for Open Apereo 2017 is available at

    See you in Philadelphia!

    Campus Portals

    Deploying a campus portal solution? Want to discover new developments and current practice with uPortal? Open Apereo 2017 - the open source conference for education - takes place in Philadelphia June 4th to 7th. The program includes ...

    My UW for You: Workshop Edition. MyUW is delivering a modern, responsive, designed campus portal user experience to UW-Madison and to other campuses in the University of Wisconsin system using uPortal and some free and open source add ons for uPortal enhancing its capabilities and implementing an alternative user interface layer.

    Case Study: Sinclair College AngularJS Portal Implementation. Challenges, successes and lessons learned from this leading edge effort

    Portals? uPortal!? What is this Béchamel? Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Sorbonne Universités arned presents uPortal seen under an approach of a collective intelligence and a learning organization.


    ... this, fantastic networking opportunities and much, much more

    The full program for Open Apereo 2017 is available at

    See you in Philadelphia!

    Identity management, single sign on

    Deploying CAS? Want to discover new developments and current practice with the premiere open source single sign on solution? Need to get up to speed with Grouper? The identity management and single sign on track at Open Apereo 2017 is just for you! Open Apereo 2017 - the open source conference for education - takes place in Philadephia June 4th to 7th.

    The program includes ...

    Apereo CAS: State of the Project.

    Having successfully delivered a major release about 7 months ago, the Apereo CAS project has been marching ahead with full speed preparing for its next upcoming feature release in the CAS 5 series. This session intends to provide a summary of CAS server achievements over the past year with specific focus on the coming feature release. Some statistical data about the general health and adoption status of the project will be detailed and we shall also touch upon a future roadmap for the project based on community input and feedback. Attendees will take away a fuller understanding of the project, are provided with the opportunity to share suggestions and recommendations directly with the project maintainers and hopefully learn of ways to contribute more and get involved with the community.


    Grouper is an enterprise access management system built by and for higher education, and is a key component of Internet2’s Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) initiative. Designed for highly distributed and heterogeneous information technology environments, Grouper is uniquely suited to address the complexity and flexibility required by the modern institution. This seminar will explore the latest Grouper release, demonstrate a variety of real world use cases, and review the much anticipated TIER Grouper Deployment Guide which is slated for release in April 2017. The deployment guide aims to distill diverse community examples into specific TIER guidance and recommendation for achieving a variety of identity and access management capabilities.

    Getting Started with Apereo CAS

    If you are planning to get started with a CAS deployment, this is the intended workshop session for you. The session will focus on the features, configuration options and build/deployment practices of the Apereo CAS server release and the path to their adoption for existing deployments. We will of course be conducting a hands-on session walking deployers through a series of dynamic build/deployment exercises and depending on availability and time, may also delve into integration strategies with client applications. Specific topics for the session are authentication, authorization, principal resolution and attribute release, managing service registrations, multifactor authentication, protocol support and more.

    Managing Sponsored Accounts With COmanage

    Guests, visitors, and others whose identities are not managed in source systems (such as HR or student systems) often need access to education and research services. Like many other institutions, Lafayette College had previously tried to shoehorn these identities into existing systems with all the attendant problems of such an arrangement. Lafayette looked to the COmanage Registry to provide capabilities for managing these non-traditional identities. This session will discuss Lafayette's business processes and requirements surrounding sponsored accounts, review the capabilities of COmanage, and provide an overview of the technology, implementation methods, and integration considerations of the new COmanage-based solution.


    ... this, fantastic networking opportunities and much, much more

    The full program for Open Apereo 2017 is available at

    See you in Philadelphia!

    Unitime, Timetabling and Scheduling


    UniTime: Best Practices. Course & exam timetabling, student scheduling. Workshop, Open Apereo 2017 #apereo17


    UniTime 4.2: Instructor Scheduling. Purdue #apereo17 session #unitime #apereo


    Course Timetabling Around the World with UniTime #apereo17 session

    Learning Analytics

    Open Apereo 2017 - the open source conference for education - takes place in Philadelphia June 4th to 7th. The Apereo learning analytics initiative is at the cutting edge of learner analytics practice in higher education. Come and hear about current practice, learn about commonly used standards and specifications, and discover how learning analytics can support your learners and your institution. There's a great program in store including ...

    Learning Analytics for Actionable Learner Data Collection

    Using xAPI to generate actionable data for learners, faculty, designers and program managers at Penn State.

    Integrating Caliper and multiple xAPI data in Open Learner Record Store - Notre Dame use case

    Notre Dame experience with the Apereo Open LRS and integrating multiple sources of xAPI and Caliper data. Notre Dame is providing a central repository for learning analytics to capture learning experiences from multiple sources - learn from their experience.

    Need to understand xAPI and profiles?

    The Experience API (xAPI) expands the possibilities for learning analytics by providing the common means for systems to communicate with each other about learning activity. While xAPI makes it possible to acquire data about learners’ activities, this information provides little benefit if one cannot design to acquire meaningful data, interpret that data, or improve the learning design based on the insights gained from such data. Fortunately, Profiles are becoming available which accelerate best practices and remove obstacles in creating and analyzing meaningful data. In this workshop, participants will explore how to work with xAPI and a growing index of profiles as well as gain an understanding of basic principles of using data effectively and designing to provide meaningful feedback. Participants will apply these principles in determining a data strategy to support particular learning outcomes.

    State of the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative

    The aims of the Apereo Learning analytics initiative (LAI) are to accelerate the operationalization of Learning Analytics software and frameworks, support the validation of analytics pilots across institutions, and working together to avoid duplication of efforts. Today, the community has developed an unified vision to build an open and scalable reference architecture for the Learning Analytics. The session briefly covers the current status of the development of the architectural components which include Learning Record Warehouse, Academic early alert systems, Intervention, Student advising systems and Dashboard systems. Time will be set aside to discuss other community priorities in this domain and how others can get involved.


    ... this, fantastic networking opportunities and much, much more

    The full program for Open Apereo 2017 is available at

    See you in Philadelphia!