2016 JA Sakai Conference

The Ja Sakai Conference alongside the kibaco symposium will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) in Tokyo, Japan on the 1st of March 2016.


  1. Activity Report of Ja Sakai Community (Yuji Tokiwa, Hosei University)
  2. Sakai 11 Status and Future (Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation)
  3. LTI Compatible Self-Directed Programming Learning System (Soichiro Fujii, Hosei University)
  4. Development of Course Registration System for Sakai together with SIS (Nao Tanoue, Nagoya University)
  5. PandX: Current Status and Issues of Sakai 10 in Kyoto University (Shoji Kajita, Kyoto University)
  6. Deployment of Sakai in TMU (Hisashi Hatakeyama, TMU)

Contact: Yuji Tokiwa, Chair of Ja Sakai community