2018 SakaiCamp

Sunday January 21st - Wednesday morning January 24th, 2018

Orlando, Florida

3rd annual SakaiCamp
SakaiCamp is an annual small-ish (roughly 20 people +/-)  unconference style working meeting. This means that the group decides on the agenda itself with large group discussions, small group breakouts, and working sessions. It's a fun and productive 2.5 day meeting with an extra day tacked on for team building. Come learn about our newly formed traditions of late night putt putt golf, Cafe Tutu Tango, and having a blast while getting work done.

Open meeting. All are welcome, though space is limited. There is no registration cost, though you are responsible for your own transportation, accommodation, and food. 

The primary focus is collaborative planning for the Sakai project. This can include release planning, marketing, QA (quality assurance), UX (user experience), software development topics, the Sakai roadmap and more.

High level schedule:
Saturday is usually a travel day. But sometimes informal social events and meetings occur.
Sunday is a team building day. Usually we pick a fun activity or place to visit in or around Orlando to visit as a group. 
Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday (morning before 12:00 pm) are working meetings. Unconference style. 
Wednesday afternoon/evening are usual when folks leave camp to head back home.

How to sign up:
Sign up on our Eventbrite page