2018 Tsugi Camp at Sakai Camp

The Sakai community has a “Sakai Camp” each January where we just get together and run an un-conference to do Sakai things.

This year SakaiCamp 2018 runs from Sunday January 21 to Wednesday January 24 in Orlando we encourage folks to come on Saturday to avoid weather related travel issues.  Here is the URL:


I will be hosting a TsugiCamp at the same hotel (Holiday Inn Express & Suites Orlando - International Drive) on Wednesday January 24.  It too will be an un-conference to talk about and/or do anything Tsugi related.

Those interested in Tsugi can come to the whole SakaiCamp (Sat-Wed) if they like - there will be conversations about NGDLE throughout the whole camp and how it related to Sakai and how Sakai and Tsugi are integrated.  Tsugi integrates beautifully into Sakai and the TsugiCamp is integrated into the SakaiCamp :) And the Sakai people are super fun and cool just to hang out with.

But if you can only come one day for Tsugi make it Wednesday January 24 - we can go to dinner Tuesday night, and then spend all day Wednesday doing Tsugi things.  My flight back is Wednesday at 7PM - so we won’t go late on Wednesday.

If you want to come to TsugiCamp - just register at the SakaiCamp URL above - it also gets you $50 savings per night at the meeting hotel if you book quickly.

Please contact: Chuck Severance for more information.