2019 Opencast Summit

The Opencast community is preparing for its annual meeting at ETH Zurich, January 16-18 2019. This is a special event in that it marks the tenth anniversary of the Opencast community which was launched as project "Matterhorn" by UC Berkeley - with the kick-off meeting taking place at ETH Zurich in 2009.

For the meeting in January, the Opencast community is looking for contributions related to the use and management of video in academia. With a focus on Opencast, course capture, and video management, we are particularly keen to hear from educational technologists and designers, instructors, or service providers working with video to support teaching and learning.

The call for proposals is published at: https://blogs.ethz.ch/opencast2019/call/

The call is open for suggestions, too: If you have a topic you would like to know more about or discuss with others, feel free to submit a proposal and have the conference committee organize a session for you.

Opencast Translations

Over the last weeks, many contributors from the Opencast community and beyond helped us in getting Opencast's translations updated and a lot of languages are now 100% translated. Nevertheless there are languages to fully cover, so if you can, please help us with the following translations:

    - Swedish

    - Chinese

    - Turkish

    - Tagalog

    - Polish

    - Filipino

    - Portuguese

    - Italian

    - Japanese

The translations can be easily worked on online at our Crowdin site: https://crowdin.com/project/opencast-community.

Want to add a new language? Please let us know at dev[at]opencast.org[dot] We can easily add new target languages.

The Developer workshop was fully booked!

We’re interested to see if anyone else is interested in a developer workshop so we can organize a workshop similar to the one at https://opencast.org/2018-07-11-opencast-developer-workshop.html either at the 2019 Opencast summit or later next year. Contact Rüdiger Rolf at rrolf[at]uni-osnabrueck[dot]de for more information.