2020 uPortal Winter Summit

You are invited to participate in the 2020 uPortal Winter Summit, January 27-29, held in conjunction with Sakai Camp. Community members can gather in person in Orlando or Paris and we plan on remotely overlapping for part of it. 

Topics include:

  •         Microservices
  •         “Dockerizing" uPortal
  •         New uPortal APIs and API Management
  •         Web-Components
  •         UoE Notifications i.e. Fiosan
  •         uPortal Integrations (LMS, ERP, HRS,etc.)
  •         Automated Releasing / Deployment Tools
  •         JavaScript Developer Best Practices
  •         Interface Design and Development

Stay tuned on the uportal-user community mailing list for information on how to register.


To join: 

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