2024 Open Apereo Europe at OW2

OW2 Conference 2024

In 2024, Apereo Foundation continues our efforts to partner closely with other open source organizations in a concerted effort to strengthen our open source community around the globe and increase Apereo’s impact by driving open source innovation in education through partnership, collaboration, and co-creation.

As part of this strategic goal of collaboration, Apereo has become the anchor organization for the Open Source in Education, Science & Research track at OW2Con’24, which is taking place in Paris-Châtillon this June.

The Open Source in Education, Science & Research track will center attention on the growing number of open science focused and funded researchers, scientists, and academics across Europe. Asking and answering questions such as: How the open source approach is impacting scientific organizations' daily work? 

The Apereo community will also hold Open Apereo Europe activities in parallel to OW2Con: the Apereo General Annual Meeting, Birds of a Feather, Apereo socials, and other Apereo-related events to which our entire community is invited. 


Contact Patrick Masson - ed[at]apereo[dot]org for more information


About OW2 Con

 “OW2con is the European open source conference organized by OW2. An international meeting of developpers, IT companies, academics and non-profit organizations, OW2con brings together the entire open source community, during two days of presentations ranging from tech topics to business and ethical issues of open source.” - as per OW2.