Welcome to Apereo

Apereo is a network of institutions like yours. We support software used in thousands of educational institutions worldwide. Software developed and maintained by the Apereo Community includes -

  • Sakai, the premier collaboration and learning environment
  • CAS, one of the most popular single-sign on/authentication mechanisms, designed by higher education for higher education
  • uPortal, longstanding portal framework featuring responsive design and mobile solutions
  • Apereo OAE, cloud-based academic collaboration platform
  • Bedework, calendaring solution for higher education
  • Karuta, flexible tool for the incremental prototyping and the diffusion on the web of digital portfolios or eportfolios for various purposes; showcase portfolio, learning portfolio, assessment portfolio.
  • Student Success Plan, supports early intervention for student retention based on a decade of R&D
  • Opencast, lecture capture and academic media services platform
  • UniTime, timetabling and scheduling system for higher education
  • Xerte, authoring environment for interactive and accessible learning materials

We're also the place higher education software projects, new or ongoing, can find help, support and sustenance. Our incubation process  supports new projects as they find the path from innovation to sustainability, with communities developing around products such as EDexchange, a transcript exchange solution. Our newest incubation project EQUELLA is a digital repository that provides a single platform to house teaching/learning research, media and library content.

Apereo is a global network, with member institutions on six continents. We seek to actively develop partnerships to further our mission of creating and sustaining software supporting learning, teaching and research. Our partnership with our sister organisation, the ESUP-Portail consortium in France, and the LAMP Consortium, creates a network of over 180 higher educational institutions and partners. It’s a network where you can share experiences, learn from the experiences of others, and discover new collaborators.

There are many good reasons to become a member of the Apereo Foundation. By becoming a member, you -

  • Ensure proper support for software you rely on. Your membership dues support effective licensing and IPR management practices, infrastructure support, community coordination, event support, outreach, and more. IPR management, particularly, is the bedrock free and open source software is built on. Don't depend on another organization to make the contribution needed to let software you rely on survive and thrive.
  • Give your institution a vote in the way Apereo is run, and how it sets priorities. Your institution has a vote in elections for the Apereo Foundation Board, which provides strategic leadership for the foundation.
  • Are able to access programs such as the Apereo Incubation Program. Have a software project you believe meets a higher education need? Apereo is the place to find partners and learn from others who've grown communities to sustain software.
  • Become part of a community of peers - a global network of educational institutions working together to address common issues and solve common problems - with many opportunities to participate. In the last three years, Apereo and its predecessors have held conferences on five continents. Members can access our principle events at discounted rates.

You can discover more about Apereo by reading our The Value of a Common Foundation document. Apereo membership dues are listed here.

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