Apereo Advisory Council

Dear Apereans,

I am delighted to announce that we have empaneled an Advisory Council for the foundation. The purpose of the group is to gather bright, knowledgable people who are removed from the daily fray of running Apereo projects, and often from the council and the community, to provide advice and perspective on the foundation's activities. While we are still waiting to hear from one or two additional people that I'd like to add to the group, I am thrilled and gratified to announce that we have a quorum of outstanding leaders.
In the interest of balancing global representation with manageable time zones for meeting purposes, this first group is primarily North American, with some representation from Europe and Africa. Over time, we expect to spin up several regional advisory councils, with the next one likely to be concentrated in the Asia/Pacific region.

Here is your new Advisory Council:

  • Kimberly Arnold, Evaluation Consultant, University of Wisconsin
  • Lois Brooks, Vice Provost of Information Services, Oregon State University
  • Laura Cierniewicz, Director of the Centre for Educational Technology, University of Cape Town
  • Tedd Dodds, CIO, Cornell University
  • Kent Eaton, Provost, McPherson College
  • Stuart Lee, Deputy CIO, IT Services, Oxford University
  • Patrick Masson, General Manager, Open Source Initiative
  • Lisa Ruud, Associate Provost, Empire Education Association

Kindest regards,
Michael Feldstein
Chair, Apereo Advisory Council