Apereo Board Candidates 2018

2018 Apereo Board Candidates

The Apereo Foundation holds annual elections for open positions on its Board of Directors. This year we have four candidates for three open positions. The duties and responsibilities of board members, together with rules governing their election are set out in the Apereo by-laws at - http://www.apereo.org/content/bylaws#article-5 . If you have any questions regarding these duties and responsibilities, please contact the Executive Director - Ian Dolphin at ian.dolphin[at]apereo.org or Secretary - Doug Johnson doug.johnson[at]apereo.org .

Representatives of each Apereo member organization will receive a ballot paper by email. Voting will be completed - in person or by casting a proxy vote - at the Apereo Foundation Annual General Meeting at Open Apereo 2018, which takes place this year in Montreal, Quebec, June 3rd - 7th.

Campell Headshot

Francois Campbell - OpenCollab

I am the Teaching, Learning and Portal lead for OpenCollab. As such, Apereo has played a large role in my life. I have been using and supporting Sakai since Sakai 2.7.

My experience has involved institutions of all sizes and shapes. We support higher education in Africa generally and South Africa in particular.

During this time I have been involved with initiatives in the South African sphere of Sakai. Developing tools for Offline Mobile Learning using Sakai for Unisa (Unipoole ) and NWU ( eFundi Move ). 

My role is focused on the hands-on support, maintenance and rejuvenation of  Sakai instances for Universities and other centres of Learning. Providing today's digital learner with the best experience possible, while addressing pressing concerns and limitations.
I am excited about the direction Apereo has taken in the last few years. Specifically expanding its outlook and supporting worth while projects which aid the digital learner in these fluid times.
My goal would be to expand Apereo's footprint in Africa.

Kevin Headshot

Kevin Morooney - internet 2

My name is Kevin M. Morooney and I am interested in serving on the Apereo Board.  Currently, I am the Vice President for Trust and Identity Services at Internet2, a position I have held since 2016.  Trust and Identity Services is responsible for: operating the InCommon trust federation, curating open source projects supporting organizational, national, and international identity and access management, eduroam for the US, and a digital certificate service. I am also a board member for the Shibboleth Consortium.  Prior to coming to Internet2, I worked at Penn State University serving ten years as its Vice Provost for Information Technology and CIO. While at Penn State, I contributed to a variety of projects and initiatives across several different higher education consortia over a 25 year period.

I have a demonstrated track record of contributing to and in some cases leading community driven projects and initiatives.  I have enjoyed bringing a former-member perspective to my new position at Internet2, to help contribute to the sustenance of a member lead culture.  I believe that I could bring a resonant spirit to the Apereo Foundation but also with a diverse set of experiences to help guide the future of The Foundation and its projects.



Boeta Headshot

Boeta Pretorius - North West University

Boeta Pretorius is the Chief Director of IT at the North-West University.  NWU is the second largest University in South Africa and has a mix of campus and distance students.  NWU has been a very active and loyal community member of the Sakai-, and now Apereo foundation.  Although Sakai, (branded as eFundi at the NWU) is a flagship product at the NWU, other Apereo products like CAS and Matterhorn are also used. NWU is an active member of the Apereo-SA community, and will host the annual Apereo-SA conference in 2018.

I have changed the mission of IT to focus more on the core activities at the University, namely Teaching and Learning, and Research.  The Apereo product range forms an integral part of our solutions portfolio to fulfil this mission.  I have a long history with the community, and built very good relations and partnerships with people like Anthony White, Joseph Hardin, Charles Severence, Ian Dolphin and many others.

I am also a director of the Association of South African Directors of IT (ASAUDIT) and lead some of the interest groups.  As a loyal community member, I am sure I will be able to make a positive difference on the Apereo board.

Anne-Marie Headshot

Anne-Marie Scott - University of Edinburgh

Anne-Marie Scott is the Deputy Director of the Learning, Teaching and Web Services Directorate at the University of Edinburgh. She has been at the University of Edinburgh since 2002 and was responsible for the selection and development of uPortal as the University enterprise portal platform in 2004. She is an expert in enterprise systems – in addition to implementing uPortal, she led a multi-year project to replace the University Identity Management system, moving operations to a real-time SOA based architecture. The solution delivered was a blend of open source solutions (Grouper, OpenLDAP) and bespoke development.

Since 2011 she has been focused on the University’s learning technology provision, developing strategy and leading large institutional change projects that enhance the student learning experience. She is responsible for the provision of all the centrally provided VLE, eAssessment, ePortfolio and media services in the institution. She has a keen interest in learning analytics, developing policy, undertaking some of the early analysis of data from MOOC platforms, and more recently supporting the inclusion of OnTask into the Apereo Incubation process. Current projects include the rollout of lecture recording into 400 teaching spaces; the adoption of WordPress as an institutional blogging platform, including a Domain of One’s Own service; and a pilot of Jupyter Notebooks to support computational learning.

She is passionate about student co-creation of educational technology services through high value internship opportunities. She has a commitment to open source and open practices more generally – including championing the adoption of open source solutions, open licenses and working closely with the University Wikimedian in Residence.

She holds and MA in English and Scottish Literature and a PG Dip in e-Learning, both from Edinburgh. She volunteers for Girl Geek Scotland as part of the leadership team, supporting women in tech roles within the Scottish IT sector, and has more than a decade of board experience as a Trustee of a building preservation trust.