Apereo Board Election Timetable: Nominations Open!

Nominations are open for three vacant places on the Apereo Foundation Board of Directors nominated by member organisations. Lucy Appert, of New York University, Laura Gekeler of The University of Notre Dame, and Jim Helwig, of The University of Wisconsin-Madison all step down this year. All three Directors have reached their two-term limit and are ineligible for re-nomination. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucy, Laura and Jim for their exemplary service to the Apereo community over many years. 

Nominations close in two weeks (Thursday April 23rd). Nominations may be made by members of Apereo or representatives of an Apereo member organisation in good standing. The nominated person does not have to be employed by an Apereo member organisation. If you wish you make a nomination, please check to ensure that the person is willing to stand.

Please send nominations to ed[at]apereo[dot]org

Voting papers and proxy ballot instructions will be circulated on April 27th. Voting will take place at the Foundation AGM during the week of Open Apereo 2020/Online (w/c 15th June). New Directors will be seated at the Apereo Board AGM on 19th June. Due to the uncertain public health situation, these meetings will take place either face-to-face at the University of Michigan School of Information, online, or in a blended format. I will confirm arrangements as the situation in June becomes clearer.

The Apereo Foundation bylaws can be found at http://bit.ly/ApereoByLaws

 Individual members will be notified of the process for nominations in a separate mail.