Apereo Foundation Welcomes OnTask to Apereo Incubation

The Apereo Foundation is pleased to welcome the OnTask project to the Apereo incubation process. OnTask aims to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised and actionable student feedback throughout their participation in a course. OnTask is LMS agnostic and receives its data from a number of sources such as video engagement, assessments, student information systems, electronic textbooks, discussion forums, etc. Instructors and educational designers can use the platform to connect large data sets about students with concrete and frequent actions to support their learning. OnTask aims to assist instructors to support all students in a course regardless of their performance by providing relevant, personalised suggestions. During 2017, OnTask has been piloted at the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, University of Southern Australia, and University of Texas Arlington. "We think OnTask provides the missing functionality allowing instructors to realize the full potential of data to provide student support at scale and improve the quality of learning experiences" said Abelardo Pardo, Project Lead.

"OnTask is positioned to help institutions manage personalised alerts to contribute to student success." said Ian Dolphin, Apereo Foundation Executive Director, "We look forward to helping to bring the project before a wider constituency". 

The Apereo Incubation Process is designed to help an open source software project grow and achieve sustainability. It's both a structured and mentored process. A written process provides structure, and experienced incubation mentors, drawn from the broader Apereo community, provide the external view of a "critical friend" for a software project.

More about OnTask: https://www.ontasklearning.org/
More about Apereo: https://www.apereo.org/
More about the Apereo Incubation Process: https://tinyurl.com/y78p5th8