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Apereo Foundation Membership

The Apereo Foundation is a New Jersey non-stock, non-profit corporation, with members drawn from higher education on four continents. It’s mission? To help educational organizations deliver their mission, by developing and sustaining open source software. Open source software provides educational institutions with choices in a marketplace otherwise dominated by commercial proprietary vendors. It plays a major role in keeping the market honest, and fostering innovation.

By becoming an Apereo Foundation member, you

  • Ensure support for software you rely on. Your membership dues work to ensure effective licensing, IPR management practices, infrastructure support, community coordination, outreach, and more.
  • Give your institution a say in the way Apereo is run, and how it sets priorities. Your institution has a vote in elections for the Apereo Foundation Board, which provides strategic leadership for the foundation.
  • Are able to access programs such as the Apereo Incubation Program. Have a software project you believe meets a higher education need? Apereo is the place to find partners and learn from others who've grown communities to sustain software.
  • Become part of a community of peers - a global network of educational institutions working together to address common issues and solve common problems - with many opportunities to participate.
  • Receive member only rates for Apereo-organized global conferences and online events.

Visit our comprehensive Membership Dues page for Educational Organizations, Commercial Affiliates and Friends of Apereo dues information.

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For more information about Apereo Membership please contact membership[at]apereo[dot]org