Apereo Micro-Conferences: June 14th - Defining an Open Source AI

There is a seismic shift facing open source today and it's all AI's fault. The traditional view of open source code implementing AI algorithms may not be sufficient to guarantee inspectability, modifiability and replicability of the AI systems. AI is already deciding who stays in jail or which customers deserve credit to buy a house. More kinds of “autonomous” systems are appearing so fast that government regulators are rushing to define policies. The Open Source Initiative is leading an exploration of the world of AI and Open Source, diving deep around the boundaries of data and software to discover how existing concepts like copy, distribution, modification of source code apply in the context of Artificial Intelligence. Maffulli will share the results of OSI’s Deep Dive: AI, and highlight the plan for a multi-stakeholders process to clearly define what it means for AI systems to be “Open Source.”

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  • The start time is 11:00AM (1100) Eastern U.S. time
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