Apereo Renews Collaboration with ESUP-Portail Consortium in France

Apereo Renews Collaboration with ESUP-Portail Consortium in France

The Apereo Foundation, a leading provider of open source software for higher education, has renewed its collaboration with the ESUP-Portail Consortium of universities in France.

“ESUP-Portail and Apereo are very well aligned”, commented Ian Dolphin, Apereo Foundation Executive Director, “We share a common involvement in creating and sustaining software to support the academic mission, and share investment in the same projects”.

“Our two organizations have exchanged more and more information - both strategic and tactical - since our collaboration began” added Alain Mayeur of ESUP-Portail. “This is having a direct impact on the promotion of new open source solutions for Higher Education and is beginning to reach areas such as the design of new collaborative learning spaces.“

The agreement builds on an agreement signed by Apereo and ESUP-Portail in 2012, and on two and a half years of increasingly close practical collaborative work. ESUP-Portail are closely involved in the continued support of a number of Apereo projects. They are an investing partner in the Apereo Open Academic Environment, which is exploring the next generation of online academic collaboration. ESUP-Portail also make extensive use of uPortal, the proven enterprise portal framework for higher education, and the related uMobile platform for mobile web and application support. ESUP schools help to package CAS as a single-sign on solution to meet the needs of higher education in France.

Apereo and ESUP-Portail will build on existing practical collaboration to -

  • Ensure information is effectively shared across both communities by forming a translation network.
  • Undertake further work to engage higher education in France in a common incubation process
  • Collaborate to promote open source solutions for higher education in the Francophone world
  • Establish a formal board-level liaison by inviting an ESUP-Portail representative to be seated on the Apereo Board of Directors.

The Apereo Foundation will no longer recruit members amongst institutions in France. “Institutions seeking involvement in open source software in France should participate in ESUP-Portail”, said Ian Dolphin. “ESUP-Portail works in partnership with Apereo to meet the specific needs of higher education in France” he added, “it should retain that distinctiveness”.

Mathilde Guerin, newly appointed Technical Coordinator for ESUP-Portail has joined the Apereo Board as ESUP-Portail representative. Mathilde leads ICT innovative projects at Université de La Rochelle. Mathilde welcomed the new agreement;

"Both our communities have been working closely for several years now and our collaboration has proven to be fruitful. The renewal of the MoU is a recognition of the work we have undertaken to strengthen our partnership but also a statement of our commitment to keep pursuing this goal."

Read the ESUP-Portail Apereo MOU