Articles of Ja-Sakai

ARTICLES of Ja-Sakai

1. This community is named Ja-Sakai and has the official approval of the Sakai Foundation to use the “Sakai” name and applicable logos. The Sakai Foundation, by vote of its board of directors, may withdraw permission for use of the Sakai name and logo at any time.

2. Ja-Sakai is an organization in and under Sakai Foundation, hence follows Sakai Foundation Bylaws. Ja-Sakai is financially and administratively independent of the Sakai Foundation and is responsible for it’s own financial and other obligations. Likewise, Ja-Sakai will have no responsibility for the financial obligations of the Sakai Foundation.

3. Mission:
Ja-Sakai is to achieve the goal and mission of Sakai Foundation as described in Article III of the Sakai Foundation Bylaws through:
(1) the development and functional enhancement of a Japanese version of Sakai
(2) the promotion of Sakai implementation into Japanese academic institutions
(3) cooperation with the Sakai community around the world

4. Members:
Ja-Sakai’s membership consists of institutional members who are official Sakai Foundation members and individual contributors who are approved by Ja-Sakai administrative committee.

5. Contributions:
Ja-Sakai activity consists of Contributions to the community. Contributions are not only ones listed in article 3.(1)(2) for Japanese users but also includes the contribution to the entire Sakai community, e.g. development and functional enhancement of internationalized Sakai in general putting emphasis on contributions to countries utilizing double byte character set. 

6. Ja-Sakai has Ja-Sakai administrative committee (Ja-Sakai ADCOM or simply ADCOM.). ADCOM shall decide administrative issues of Ja-Sakai. ADCOM consists of 7 or more members of two different types:
All Sakai Partner Representatives in Japan shall automatically be ADCOM members. 
Any person, regardless of his/her Ja-Sakai membership, can become an ADCOM member. There membership shall be approved by the existing ADCOM membership.

7. Ja-Sakai Board:
Ja-Sakai has an administrative board (Ja Saki AB or simply AB). AB consists of :
(1) One chair
(2) One vice chair
(3) One auditor
(4) A few secretaries, who will head various committees that are established by JA-Sakai
AB members are elected from among the ADCOM members.

8. Ja-Sakai board shall approve individuals who wish to join to or leave Ja-Sakai on his/her request according to the rules of the JA-Sakai administrative committee.

9. General Assembly:
Ja-Sakai representative shall call annual general assembly and submit agenda which shall include: 
(1) Action plan
(2) Alternation of Ja-Sakai charter
(3) Election (re-election) of ADCOM members
(4) A progress report on Ja-Sakai activity and administration

Ja-Sakai representative can call extra special general assemble if necessary. 

The chair of Ja-Sakai will serve as chair of the general assembly. Proposals shall be approved by the agreement of more than half Sakai partner representatives. Ja-Sakai chair shall make the final decision in the event of a tie vote.

10. Official language of Ja-Sakai is Japanese.

11. This charter may be modified by the vote of a 2/3 majority of the ADCOM.