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For almost a decade and a half, the Apereo Foundation and its predecessors have been at the forefront of creating and sustaining software in the service of higher education. We've accomplished that by creating innovative and functional open source software collaboratively – made by education, for education. And we've had the help of many, many, talented and committed individuals in that work.

Apereo and its predecessors have always sought to recognize that talent and commitment through a series of programs. These programs – such as the fellows program and teaching innovation awards – have both celebrated commitment and success, and helped take those successes to the next level by providing small amounts of funding to facilitate networking good practice and further development.
As the Apereo family of software and related communities grows larger, we'd like to support and extend those recognition programs with a new membership category – individual membership. This doesn't mean that Apereo is changing its primary focus on supporting higher education institutions and serving the academic mission, but it does mean we're finding new ways to involve, enlarge, and engage our community in doing just that. 

By making a small (deductible) contribution that will be dedicated to our support programs, individual members can help make a difference. In return, we'll help you stay in touch by providing discounted access to Open Apereo, our main annual conference ($50 discount) , and give you a say in how Apereo is run by voting for a reserved individual member board seat.
Apereo's work has touched countless learners and faculty worldwide, helping to both extend access to learning opportunities, and to enrich them. Help us sustain and extend that by becoming an individual member of the Apereo Foundation today. if you have a friend or colleague who might not have seen this message, please pass it on.

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