Becoming an Apereo Commercial Affiliate

Apereo Commercial Affiliates are companies that demonstrate support for the Apereo Foundation and its constituent software communities by becoming members. Typically, Commercial Affiliates offer services around Apereo software.  

The process of becoming an Apereo Commercial Affiliate is straightforward.

An applicant produces a short statement of 2 or 3 paragraphs about their company, and why they believe synergy exists between the company and Apereo. The Apereo Board of Directors evaulates the application and then votes on membership. If the application is approved, the company pays membership dues of either $2,500 for standard membership or $10,000 for Platinum membership. Both levels of membership secure a listing in our web site list of commercial affiliates, preferential rates for conferences, and mailings of every enquiry to our web site re software, services, RFPs, etc. Platinum membership secures an above-the-fold mention on the landing page. 

Apereo Commercial Affiliates have the right to make use of Foundation owned trademarks in promotional material. Being an Apereo Commercial Affiliate does not carry with it the implication of a quality mark, but is an open and public expression of a company willing to contribute to the common good.

For more information about Apereo Commercial Affiliate Membership please contact membership[at]apereo[dot]org