Call for Apereo Vignettes

For a number of years Apereo has collected short stories illustrating how open source software can help solve institutional problems in ways that are both innovative and inexpensive. We've called these short stories "vignettes", and have used them successfully on the web site and in presentations. 

Vignettes bring two-fold benefits. Firstly, a vignette is designed to be drafted rapidly. It does not carry with it the overhead associated with a case study. Secondly, a vignette communicates directly and clearly; it is designed to be comprehended at something just over a glance. 

We'd like to update our collection of vignettes. Please consider either spending a few minutes creating a vignette to illustrate the success of the software your community creates and sustains, or pass this message to members of your community who might help.

Below are two examples. Further examples are available on request: 

uPortal and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

When the University of Wisconsin-Madison sourced a new portal framework, they chose uPortal. uPortal gave UW-Madison control over their upgrade schedule, and the capability to adapt and innovate to meet diverse local needs. Ten years on, and UW-Madison's innovations include virtual portal hosting, ERP integration, and a refreshed and modern user experience - all shared back to the uPortal community and growing sustainability.

Apereo. It's about community.

Sharing costs. Sharing code. Sharing vision. 


Xerte at the University of Cape Town

When the University of Cape Town Library needed a tool to create content for their MOOC, they chose Xerte. Xerte's "author once, run anywhere" paradigm allowed them to author content independent of their MOOC - and retain and curate it independently.

Apereo. It's about freedom.

Free to license. Free to adapt. Free to innovate.


Thanks in advance for your help - it will help to make Apereo a better advocate for the values we share.