CAS Supporting Subscription 2020

From the CAS Project Management Committee

Over the past few years, the Apereo CAS project portfolio has grown and improved by impressive measures. Since the release of Apereo CAS 5 in 2016, the software has expanded its feature-set to present support for SAML2 and OpenID Connect protocols while officially embracing advanced features such as multifactor authentication, delegation, impersonation and more. As a much-expected happy consequence, the growing number of contributors, public releases and community members have demanded more attention and time towards the upkeep, maintenance and the overall security of the CAS ecosystem.

To ensure the long-term success and viability of the Apereo CAS software and its sustainability in the years to come, the CAS project management committee voted to increase the Apereo CAS memberships fees, starting in 2020. Such additional funding should help provide adequate support for tasks such as maintenance and bug fixes, moving patches across supported CAS releases, attention and time to security vulnerabilities and fixes with increased haste and a continued commitment to the CAS release schedule and maintenance policies as much as possible.

Having access to additional funds should, furthermore, allow the CAS project to begin considering extra services and features for Apereo CAS members; activities such as early notification of security announcements and details, modest yet dedicated support channels, LTS releases, certifications and more can only be discussed and planned if supporting finances are in place.

We hope that institutions who have deployed, used and benefited from Apereo CAS as free and open-source software also care about its long-term sustainability. We appreciate those who have already expressed their support of the project via an Apereo membership and hope that others find the use case valuable enough to financially support the software.

Higher Education (Budget based):

$0-25 million: $1,000
$25 million-100 million: $2,000
$100 million-750 million: $5,000
$750 million-4 billion: $10,000
More than 4 billion: $15,000

Commercial Entities (Revenue based):

$0-25 million: $5,000
$25 million-100 million: $10,000
$100 million-750 million: $15,000
$750 million-4 billion: $25,000
More than 4 billion: $50,000