Commercial Affiliates

Apereo Commercial Affiliates are commercial entities that demonstrate support for Apereo and its constituent software communities by becoming members of the Apereo Foundation. Typically, Commercial Affiliates offer services around Apereo software. By becoming members, Apereo Commercial Affiliates have the right to make use of Foundation owned trademarks and are listed on this page. Being an Apereo Commercial Affiliate does not carry with it the implication of a quality mark, but is an open and public expression of a company willing to contribute to the common good.


Please see the Becoming a Commercial Affiliate page for more information or contact the Apereo Membership team about the commercial affiliate program at membership[at]apereo[dot]org


Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2008 with one goal: to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience.

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. It enables teachers to engage remote students with real-time sharing of audio, video, presentation, chat, desktop, and polls. BigBlueButton has deep integrations with Sakai via the Sakai Meetings Tool.

Blindside Networks provides commercial hosting and support for BigBlueButton to the Apereo community.

Edalex offers a range of platforms and services for the education sector. With key management, product strategy, development, support and hosting staff from the original EQUELLA team, Edalex offers deep expertise in all things Open EQUELLA. Edalex partners with clients to deliver innovative and mission-critical deployments. Hosting (99.994% availability since inception), custom development, configuration, deployment, client support and more - backed by nearly 150 years of combined Open EQUELLA experience on the team.

Entornos de Formación is a Spanish company specialising in educational technology since 2007, that work with leading universities and large-scale institutions across six continents. Entornos de Formación delivers knowledge, training and personal development for businesses and educational institutions by making use of information technologies. Our team is made up of opensource professionals (Sakai experts) who are well qualified to prepare our clients in each and every step involved in the process of training.

ePortfololium is a coop dedicated to support the Karuta community (universities, non-profit organizations, etc.)  in building meaningful ePortfolios workflows by providing hosting, pedagogical and technical services.  ePortfolium is also actively involved in the maintenance and the development of the Karuta open source code.

Kanematsu Electronics Limited

Based on IT (information and communication technology), the company's business is designing/constructing, operating services and system consulting for corporate information systems, selling IT system products and software, leasing/leasing, maintaining/developing/manufacturing, and dispatching workers.

Apereo recognizes with thanks the contribution of Kanematsu Electronics Limited as one of our Platinum Commercial Affiliates.

Learning Experiences will be providing a low-cost, scalable, socially responsible cloud-hosted service for educational software and content developed using the Tsugi (次) framework. You already can explore our free hosted Tsugi App Store at

Learning Experiences is the App Store for Education and 100% based on industry standards for LMS integration. These tools can be used in any Leaning Management System that supports IMS LTI® or Google Classroom.

Apereo recognizes with thanks the contribution of Learning Experiences as one of our Platinum Commercial Affiliates.

Longsight will help you evaluate Sakai, install it on campus or host Sakai at one of our modern data centers with 99.999% reliability. We understand the business of education; we know what’s important to you. We’ll make the transition to Sakai smooth with comprehensive support, training, content migration, integration with campus services and more. Contact Longsight to learn how to get the most out of community source software – flexibility, control, reliability, cost savings and more.

Apereo recognizes with thanks the contribution of Longsight as one of our Platinum Commercial Affiliates.

OpenCollab is a Cape Town based, South African software development and consulting company. We promote open source systems and communities, and have been building, implementing and supporting higher education technology and enterprise applications for over a decade. A strategic commitment to the future of open source software and collaboration, combined with strong customer orientation, means we deliver scalable, enterprise-strength applications.

Tirasa builds and supports mission-critical secure solutions to manage digital identities, user federation and access control across different environments including cloud, social networks, and mobile.
We offer specialized IAM solutions based on 100% Open Source components.

At Trifork, we create smarter solutions that make life easier for everyone. With vast amounts of experience within the EdTech sector, Trifork provides solutions that can be integrated with, and work alongside, multiple systems. Trifork offers personalised Learning Management Solutions (LMS) for both educational and enterprise environments, with clients including large-scale institutions, leading universities, and enterprises. Solutions to our educational institutions often include our flexible Exam Player. Our well-rounded player helps deliver case-dependent modular solutions, and applies Open Standards like Question Test Interoperability (QTI) and Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI).

To create these applications, Trifork deploys Sakai as a leading software platform within the eLearning industry. Sakai is based on an open-source community and is effectuated with dynamic and scalable needs in mind. As official partners for Sakai in the Western market, Trifork helps support organisations and institutions in their transition to achieving more technologically adapted LMS landscapes.

Unicon is a leading provider of IT consulting, services, and support for the education technology, specializing in open source solutions. Unicon provides services and support for Apereo projects including CAS, Sakai, SSP, uMobile, and uPortal, and is one of the original Sakai Commercial Affiliates. To learn more about Unicon’s services for open source solutions, please visit: Institutions and organizations seeking support can subscribe to Unicon's Open Source Support program; to learn more, please visit: 

Apereo recognizes with thanks the contribution of Unicon as one of our Platinum Commercial Affiliates.




This symbol indicates companies that are Platinum level Commercial Affiliates of Apereo. For more information visit the Becoming a Commercial Affiliate page.