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Thank you for your interest in the Apereo Foundation and our community. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via email. If you are searching for information about a particular product or community please use the community specific email listed below.

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Apereo Foundation Contacts  
Chair chair[at]
Executive Director ed[at]
Accounting accounting[at]
Conference Information conference[at]
Membership membership[at]
Newsletter newsletter[at]
Information info[at]
Abuse abuse[at]
Apereo Mail Lists  

The Apereo community communicates primarily via our mailing lists. To post to a list, you have to be a list member. Most of our lists can be joined by sending an email to the relevant email address by adding "+subscribe" to the email address. To unsubscribe from a list send an email adding "+unsubscribe" to the email address. For example, to join the Apereo Open list one would send an email to open+subscribe[at]apereo[dot]org . Lists marked ** require that you be added by request. 

Apereo Announcements Send an email to: announcements+subscribe[at]apereo[dot]org
Apereo Accessibility Group accessibility[at]
Incubation incubation[at]
Licensing** licensing[at]
Licensing Discussion licensing-discuss[at]
Open (discussion of Apereo, open source or openness generally) open[at]
Security** security[at]
Apereo Software Community and Community of Interest Lists
Analytics analytics[at]
Apereo Europe europe-discuss[at]
Apereo Teaching and Learning apereotl[at]
Apereo Portfolio Users Group portfolio[at]
Bedework Developers bedework-dev[at]
Bedework Users bedework-user[at]
CAS Announcements cas-announce[at]
CAS Security cas-appsec-public[at]
CAS Developer cas-dev[at]
CAS PMC** cas-pmc[at]
CAS User Community cas-user[at]
ELMSLN elmsln[at]
ELMSLN Security elmsln-security[at]
ELMSLN Developers elmsln-dev[at]
HAX Developers elmsln-hax[at]
WCFactory Developers elmsln-wcfactory[at]
ELMSLN Users elmsln-user[at]
Opencast security announcements (low frequency) security-notices[at]
Opencast community announcements (low frequency) announcements[at]
Opencast users list users[at]
Opencast developers list dev[at]
Opencast's German speaking community list anwender[at]
Opencast Contact and Docs
Open Equella  
Open Equella Development equella-dev[at]
Open Equella Users equella-users[at]
Karuta Development karuta-dev[at]
Karuta Enquiries karuta-enquiries[at]
Karuta News karuta-news[at]
LAP Development lap-dev[at]
LAP Users lap-user[at]
OAE Contact** oae-contact[at]
Open Academic Environment (OAE) Production oae-production[at]
Open Academic Environment (OAE) Stakeholders** oae-stakeholders[at]
Open Academic Environment (OAE) oae[at]
OpenDashboard Dev opendashboard-dev[at]
OpenDashboard User opendashboard-user[at]
OpenLRS Development openlrs-dev[at]
OpenLRS Users openlrs-user[at]
Sakai Project  
Sakai Core Team sakai-core[at]
Sakai Development sakai-dev[at]
Sakai Documentation sakai-docs[at]
Sakai 11 Marketing sakai-marketing[at]
Sakai PMC sakai-pmc[at]
Sakai Production sakai-production[at]
Sakai 11 QA Planning Group sakai-qa-planners[at]
Sakai QA Testing sakai-qa[at]
Sakai Security Announcements sakai-security-annc[at]
Sakai Security** sakai-security[at]
Sakai - Spanish sakai-spanish[at]
Sakai - TurnItIn Integration sakai-turnitin[at]
Sakai Users Group sakai-user[at]
Sakai UX sakai-ux[at]
Student Success Plan  
Student Success Plan Developer Community ssp-dev[at]
Student Success Plan User Community ssp-user[at]
Tsugi Developers tsugi-dev[at]
Tsugi Security tsugi-security[at]
Tsugi tsugi[at]
Tsugi Users tusgi-user[at]
uMobile Community umobile[at]
uPortal Developers uportal-dev[at]
uPortal Steering Committee** uportal-steering-committee[at]
uPortal Community uportal-user[at]
Xerte Mailing Lists In addition to the forums at the xerte community website ( ), there are three Xerte mailing lists you might find useful. They are either Jiscmail or University of Nottingham listservs. Joining instructions are available on each page
Xerte General List
The xerte mailing list is for all end users of the software. It has less traffic than it used to as a lot of people use the forums at now, but it is still active and questions will be answered.
The xerte-dev mailing list is the main channel of communication for the project's developer community. If you want to get involved in a successful open source project, this is a good place to start.
Xerte for Teachers
Xerte for Teachers is a non-technical mailing list for users of the software to discuss pedagogical and other non-technical issues relating to the use of, and best practice with the tools.

The community looks forward to hearing from you.