ELMS:LN Team Publish 158 System Agnostic Design Assets

May 2019 be the year of the web component. The ELMS:LN core team would like to share with all Apereo members that we've been hard at work on refactoring all front-end code we produce to be reusable in other systems. We've selected the Web Component standard ( https://www.webcomponents.org/specs ) in order to maximize reuse. Our team also audited and updated all documentation on the web components community site to express the correct way to implement the V1 specification.

We've been implementing the V0 standard for the last 2 years and have made the long transition to V1 which we'll be using in production by the end of February. As of this writing we've released 158 web components ( https://www.webcomponents.org/author/elmsln ) on the web components community site which are published to the NPMJS registry. As of this posting the ELMS:LN team has contributed over 8% of all web components that are registered there and brings us to nearly double the number that Google has published (which are utilized in YouTube among their other properties)!

To see web components implemented and why they are a big deal, here's our team's video-player tag served up from a CDN: https://codepen.io/btopro/pen/QzKXNP

This component will render on 98.26% of all global browsing traffic as of December 2018 utilizing the integration approach illustrated in this code pen. Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox now all can handle web components natively without polyfill, leaving IE 11 and Edge. The recent Edge announcement ( https://www.computerworld.com/article/3325333/web-browsers/with-move-to-... ) means that within the next year Edge will work without polyfill.

Links to learn more about web components and get involved:

  • WCFactory - The tooling we use to rapidly develop, test and publish our components ( https://github.com/elmsln/wcfactory )
  • 2018 Sakai Virtual Conference -- WCFactory lightning talk ( https:// )
  • LRNWebcomponents - our "mono-repo" which contains all of our elements for team developers (to see what an element catalog built with WCFactory looks and functions like) https://github.com/elmsln/lrnwebcomponents

If you have questions about how to get started with Web components or why they are so useful the ELMS:LN team is always looking for collaborators or to help others get into the spec to increase the number of components out there.

-- Bryan Ollendyke