Fiosan Case Study: Notifications at the University of Edinburgh

About Fiosan

Fiosan aims to transform task-related communications within higher education institutions.   It provides a cross-system solution for personalized notifications and emergency communications, enabling notifications to be created by and consumed across multiple services and communication channels.  

Fiosan was formerly known as the Notifications Backbone.  It was initially developed at the University of Edinburgh, and is currently an Apereo Incubating project.

Fiosan at the University of Edinburgh

Fiosan has been in use at  the University of Edinburgh for over a year.  Use is steadily expanding, and includes:

  • Exams: integration with the university’s exam scheduling system, providing students with notifications for each exam they are scheduled to sit.

  • Student surveys and questionnaires: personalised, call-to-action notifications for each questionnaire or survey a student must complete.

  • Fees: alerts for students who have outstanding fees to pay.

  • New students: daily call-to-action notifications for new students who have key tasks to complete.

  • Major incidents: personalised alerts for students affected by major IT incidents or outages.

Students receive notifications via the University’s uPortal-based web portal.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about Fiosan, or are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. 

Mary Elder, Portal Services Service Manager, University of Edinburgh, mary.elder[at][dot]uk