Four Reasons You Should Attend Open Apereo

Four Reasons You Should Attend Open Apereo

  1. Meet: Community, collaboration, and co-creation.
    Open Apereo is a community of your peers – open source advocates working in education. With so many people working on similar projects with similar goals, you're sure to meet new colleagues, contributors, and collaborators. Yes, you'll find technical folks but also those with experience in community building and management, user experience design, fund-raising, and other issues common to all open source projects.
  1. Celebrate: Share your success.
    You’ve done great work and others should know about it. It’s not about bragging, but mentoring others so they too can succeed, while sharing your ideas and interests. Importantly, not every success is technical; we want to hear how you’ve solved community problems, fundraising needs, and gained adoption.  How can the world know about your project unless we promote and praise them?

  2. Collaborate: Oh, and Integration, integration, integration.
    Events like the Open Apereo StackHack let you share your work and collaborate with others to integrate your project with other Apereo software. The goal is to offer campuses a comprehensive Apereo stack, showcasing your project’s capabilities when integrated with other Apereo tools.

  3. Grow: Awareness and advocacy equal adoption.
    Want to increase the adoption of your project? Open Apereo's sessions provide you with tips and tricks to raise the profile of your project at home, increase interest in your project at other institutions, and even grow awareness among your peers in other open source projects.


Open Apereo 2022 will take place fully online, June 14 &15

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