HAX-Camp 2022

The ELMS:LN community is excited to announce an in person networking and learning opportunity.

HAX camp at Penn State University will be taking place May 9th and 10th one block from Penn State University campus in a brand new co-working building called the Innovation Hub - Happy Valley LaunchBox.

This is the 2nd HAX camp to be held after a successful two days of sharing ideas about webcomponents at Duke in 2019. HAX camp, named after the HAXTheWeb headless block editor, is an unconference dedicated to all things webcomponents.

Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology is providing space for the event. It is a fusion of students, industry professionals and educators. This year's event is being student run and we anticipate there being discussions about openwc, lit, performance, element composition, css, hax.psu, pedagogy and design systems. All communities are welcome to join us for this free event. 

Https://HAX.camp will be updated with more information in the coming weeks.