Help Organize Open Apereo 2021 Online

This year saw us shift the premier Apereo conference for open source software in higher ed -- Open Apereo 2020 -- entirely online in the face of the pandemic. We're planning Open Apereo 2021 as an entirely online event right from the outset, and we're asking you to contribute your creativity to next year's conference.

We're organising Open Apereo 2021 against a backdrop of the continuing pandemic and widespread fatigue in the sector. Shifting to online course delivery is challenging existing software licensing models and conventional wisdom. What will happen when the current crop of sweetheart deals for proprietary software expire? How can higher education exert greater control over its destiny in a period of acute crisis? What does open source software have to offer? Open Apereo Online 2021 will showcase institutional use of open source software to solve problems. We'll also have a focus on how institutions are collaborating to shape higher education provision in the face of the pandemic.

Above all, we want Open Apereo Online 2021 to reflect the needs of higher education and our community. We want to harness the creativity of our community to make the event more than an extended videoconference. Why not bring your creativity, experience and talent to bear and help shape Open Apereo Online 2021 as the premier event for open source software in higher education? If you'd like to help plan Open Apereo Online 2021, please drop me a line at ian.dolphin[at]apereo[dot]org



Ian Dolphin
Apereo Foundation