Join the November 2017 Apereo Lightning Talks - See videos from April talks!

November Apereo Lightning Talks

Please plan to join us on Monday, November 20, 2017 at 11 am Eastern [1 - for your timezone] for a Lightning Talks presentation representing four projects in the Apereo community.

Room 1
Pw apereo

Ideas being pitched:

  • uPortal - Jim Helwig, University of Wisconsin, Madison -  Engaging with the uPortal community (and open source in general). Discussion lists, issue reporting, documentation, videos, blog posts, webinars, meet-ups, conferences, advisory groups, committees, case studies, newsletter articles, …. oh, and code contributions, if that’s your thing. 
  • The Opencast Video Annotation Tool - Rüdiger Rolf, University of Osnabruck -  A tool to analyse videos in an academic way. In addition to free text annotations, that can be used for transcriptions, you also have the possibility to define categories for a structural analysis for all users that annotate a certain video. All annotations can be exported as a spreadsheet for further analytics in Excel or SPSS. 
  • Xerte - Inge Donkervoort, 1 2 Change - Xerte used to be considered just for practice.  That has changed... you can also save the results now, without SCORM!  Xerte is an authoring tool that gives you the possibility to create interactive, media rich, highly accessible e-learning content that you can then use in any learning environment, website, etc. Including Sakai, of course ;). In this lightning talk Inge Donkervoort from the Xerte community will show you how to get and use this brand new results page and give you a sneak preview of the next steps in this project.
  • OAE - William Bown, - Like all Apereo projects, the OAE code has always been open source. But it hasn't always been easy to contribute. We've been busy documenting and updating to make it easy for anyone to contribute. So if things like NodeJS, Cassandra and providing easy-to-use collaboration tools for the whole of academia sound interesting, now's the time to get involved. We'll show you how!

The session will be recorded and published on the Apereo Youtube channel [2].

NB: Please contact farm[at]apereo[dot]org to indicate your interest in making a pitch at a future Lightning Talks event.

[1] Lightning Talk time and date for your time zone:

[2] Apereo Youtube channel -

Video of April's round:

Presentations included:

  • Sakai Student Grade Report Visualization 
  • Sakai EvalSys Tool -the provisional tool in Sakai that provides functionality for campus wide course evaluations, ad hoc surveys, and other survey functions
  • Reimagining the Sakai Manage Tools feature 
  • Sakai Simplified Installer Packages 
  • Student interactions with Sakai xAPI and Apereo Open LRS