Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference Hackathon

Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference Hackathon

March 13-17, 2017

The Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative is again making a major contribution to the Society for Learning Analytics and Research conference (LAK17). Being held this year in Vancouver, see http://educ-lak17.educ.sfu.ca/.

This activity builds on successful workshops organized at two previous LAK conferences by Apereo and Jisc. The two day pre-conference data Hackathon will bring together techies, data scientists and education practitioners. The focus of the two days will be to identify challenges in Learning Analytics and to develop visualizations.

The hackathon will engage expertise from a rich range of stakeholders – educators, developers, and data scientists – to build knowledge through practical activities with defining needs and requirements. Coding, and data wrangling being a significant component of the activities involved. Experience of previous hackathons shows that practical activity helps to promote a greater understanding of what lies in the intersection between different stakeholders understanding of what learning analytics means, and helps to provide a productive platform for negotiating the trade-off between what is desirable and feasible in practice.

The workshop will address the outstanding challenge of providing information and visualizations to students, instructors, and instructional support staff to enable improved learning experiences: informing action, not likely to be misinterpreted, and embodying contextual appropriacy, etc. It will make space to explore, challenge the status quo, and sketch ideas for use by learners and teachers, considering the interplay between their agency and the learning analytics in use. An additional distinctive character for the workshop is that it will emphasize the relationship of this broad question to APIs and interoperability standards, as critical aspects of application outside the researcher’s laboratory, building on the vision of the joint SoLAR Open Learning Analytics initiative.

The organizers will make available data and API-enabled learning analytics software to support the hackathon, and will solicit similar contributions from other parties. Workshop outputs will be openly available in a GitHub repository.

Patrick Lynch
Apereo Learning Analytics Community Coordinator