Open Apereo 2020 Online

You’re probably aware of the significant changes to our major annual international event, Open Apereo 2020, we were planning this year. If you hadn’t heard about the changed shape of the event, you can read about it here
We planned streamed media and online access to Open Apereo 2020 from the outset, but we’re redoubling our efforts on this front in the light of the developing public health situation. Much can change between now and June, and we want to be ready to pivot to an entirely online event if we need to. We have the model of our highly successful annual Sakai Virtual Conference to draw on and adapt.
To organise a blended/online event thoroughly, inclusively and effectively, our conference planning group needs your contribution. The great strength of our event planning has always been the community contribution to the planning process and the event itself. Please consider volunteering to help. If you have experience with blended or online events - great! If you haven’t, this is a great way to gain experience! Contact ed[at]apereo[dot]org if you wish to volunteer. Thanks in advance for your contribution.
Alan Regan, Chair, Open Apereo 2020 Planning Group
Martin Ramsay, Vice-chair, Open Apereo 2020 Planning Group
Ian Dolphin, Apereo Foundation Executive Director
Jenn Cummings, Concentra


A statement on Open Apereo 2020 and COVID-19 can be found at
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