Open Apereo 2020 Vision

Open Apereo Conference - The 2020 Vision

After community consultation and feedback on Open Apereo 2019, we’re planning big changes for Open Apereo 2020.

A Focus on Affordability
A consistent message from our community is that budgets remain tight in higher education, greatly restricting travel to events. To address this, Open Apereo 2020 will take place on university campus. With reduced overhead, we can lower conference registration. Hosting the event at a university will lower accommodation costs and provide a greater choice of accommodation: a range of hotels will be supplemented by on-campus housing opportunities. 

Design Challenge Day: Imagining & Building the Future of Learning
The program will change dramatically in 2020. The Apereo Foundation's mission centers on sustaining software to support learning, teaching, and research. We are planning a day focused on real-world use and development of open-source software to support education: a dedicated Design Challenge Day: Imagining & Building the Future of Learning.

Throughout the event, we'll enhance networking opportunities for more software community meetings, alongside an exciting range of social activities.

We're seeking greater inclusion by developing a program of Diversity Scholarships. We want to help those groups historically not well represented at Open Apereo to participate in the event.

The 2020 location is ...
Open Apereo 2020 will take place at the University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor from June 15-19, 2020.

Be Part of 2020 Vision
Please hold the dates of the event on your calendar. We also welcome community members to participate in the planning and development of the conference. If you are interested, please contact ed[at]apereo[dot]org.

Open Apereo has a growing reputation for bringing together teaching and learning practitioners and technologists to discuss affordable open source software serving education. This year we’re focused on innovation and inclusion.

We’re keeping the costs of attendance and participation low, to encourage diversity and inclusion. We’re also making changes to Open Apereo based on community feedback:

  • An Apereo showcase day; a single-track update and highlight day that focusses on new developments across the Apereo family of software communities, and highlights of institutional integration and use.
  • A Design Challenge day, that puts technologists, teachers and instructional designers together to address higher education design challenges
  • Streamlined one and a half day long multi-track community highlights session.
  • One and a half days devoted to community gatherings and unconference-like activities.
  • We’ll also feature a range of social events and opportunities, extended showcase and poster session opportunities.

Open Apereo has always been a global event. This year, we’ll also be streaming Open Apereo live and enabling remote participation, extending the reach of the event way beyond North America.

All the face to face events are within easy reach of the attractions of downtown Ann Arbor and a short distance from Detroit International Airport.

Want to be involved in shaping the event? Volunteer to help the Open Apereo 2020 Planning Group. Any time you can offer will help! More details from ed[at]apereo[dot]org


Open Apereo 2020

University of Michigan School of Information
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
June 15-19, 2020

Ann Arbor is in the US Eastern Timezone (GMT-4), just thirty minutes from the nearest international airport, Detroit (DTW).