Open Apereo 2022: The Value of Open Source

Open Apereo 2022: The Value of Open Source

June 14th & 15th, 2022


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Open Apereo 2022 explores the value of open source software and communities to address higher education’s top IT issues and drive successful digital transformation on your campus, for your institution, and with our community.


Open Apereo Conference Details and Description

We look forward to your participation at Open Apereo 2022! Please review the conference information below and submit a conference proposal today!


Open Apereo 2022: The Value of Open Source

Since 2020, EDUCAUSE’s Top 10 IT Issues have focused on Digital Transformation (Dx), “to better meet campus needs by leveraging technology and data.” The Road to Digital Transformation includes incorporating open standards into enterprise IT to simplify integration and IT management and open educational resources (OER) to promote sustainability. Open source software—driven by standards and devoted to sustainability—is another valuable resource campuses can leverage to optimize the institution’s operations, innovate in teaching and learning, and advance strategic initiatives; realizing the value and benefits of Dx. As Forrester puts it, “open source powers enterprise digital transformation,” urging, “CIOs need to embrace open source software to drive change.”

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What to Expect at Open Apereo 2022? 

Open Apereo 2022 will take place online June 14th and 15th, with content prioritized between 1400 and 1800 UTC (0900 and 1300 US Eastern) on each day. Interactive keynotes will be delivered for the broadest possible timezone accessibility. Workshops and other events will be added around these dates and times.

Open Apereo 2022 seeks to feature content contributed by open source practitioners and experts. There will be opportunities to interact, learn, network and share your stories and expertise. We’ll focus on making material available in advance to maximize your time to network with open source and higher education participants from around the globe. We’ll feature an increased number of short, punchy Lightning Talks along with traditional peer presentations, and exciting keynotes from across the broader higher education and open source community. Open Apereo 2022 will be accompanied by regional gatherings, local watch parties, hands-on workshops, and other events.

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What Kinds of Proposals are We Looking for? 

Open Apereo 2022 will feature a variety of presentation and learning opportunities. Track Sessions are 30-minute opportunities to present alone or as part of a group. Lightning Talks are 5 minutes long and a great way to communicate a short, punchy idea or showcase a work in progress.

Track Sessions 

Track Sessions can be information sessions, panel discussions, or a hybrid. For information sessions, we recommend 20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes reserved for audience questions and answers. 

We are seeking proposals relating to any open source software or community in the following key themes: 

4. IT Leadership Experience

5. “Helping campuses share solutions.” Collect insights and suggestions from Higher Ed IT leaders; looking back to assess the trends described in the 2021 Horizon report and looking forward, preparing for EDUCAUSE’s Top IT Issues in 2022 (and the past ten years).

Lightning Talk

A Lightning Talk is a fun, five-minute presentation. As this year’s theme is focused on The Value of Open Source, do you have a quick presentation to demonstrate or highlight how open source has provided value to you, your institution, or your community?  Maybe a little known feature in an Apereo tool or other open source resource? A solution that was developed with open source tools to tackle a common pain point? Or simply sound out an idea for a new project? Propose a lightning talk today that showcases the value of open source!

We are seeking the following types of Lightning Talk proposals:

  • Show and Tell: demonstrate something you are working on
  • Tips from the Trenches: share a tip on how to do something better, a new toolkit or new approach
  • Call to Action: ask people to contribute to something 
  • Humble Brag: highlight some of your amazing successes

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Why Your Voice and Proposal Matter

Your voice is important! Your experiences, expertise, and insights are what drive the success of Apereo events. Submitting a proposal has many benefits:

  • Professional development and visibility. Presenting at a conference is a significant professional development opportunity. Hone your own skills, and learn from others. Presenting makes you and your organization’s work more visible, raises your profile, and is often the first step to building an effective partnership.
  • Engage with others who have shared experiences. Presentations often stimulate additional ideas and informal conversations outside of the presentation. This gives you an opportunity for more connection with colleagues, networking, and opportunities to learn from the experience of others—a practical benefit.
  • Learn more about Apereo. Learn how an open source foundation works and benefits education. Discover paths to sustainability with the Apereo Incubation process. Find out about licensing options and how they work. Above all, discover working software from Apereo communities that can help your institution control costs and control its own destiny.
  • Contribute to the community. Your presentation will be valued by others who will learn from your experience. By presenting at Open Apereo, you’re helping add to a shared and growing pool of experience and expertise.

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General Submission Guidelines

Choose a title that communicates the core topic of your presentation.

  • Indicate whether you're submitting a Track Session or Lightning Talk.
  • Write a short, easy-to-read abstract.
  • Spell out all acronyms the first time you mention them.
  • Use a clear and direct writing style.
  • Describe the key take-aways of your presentation’s subject.
  • Use key elements to tag the content of your session.
  • Deadline is Friday, March 11, 2022

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