Open Apereo 2023 at FOSSY in Portland, OR, USA

Big News!

Open Apereo 2023 will take place in person as a part of the “FOSS for Education” track at FOSSY - July 13th-16th - Portland, Oregon, USA.

Apereo Foundation has joined forces with co-organizers and Creative Commons to create the "FOSS for Education" track at the FOSSY 2023 Conference. Apereo’s Annual General Meeting and community-specific events like Apereo Dolphin Fellows and Awards celebrations and Apereo social events will take place in tandem with the FOSSY conference. 

More information is coming soon but please put July 13th to 16th on your calendar and plan to see your Apereo people and join the broader open source community at FOSSY 23 in Portland.


What is FOSSY?

Initially introduced by The Software Freedom Conservancy as a replacement for O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON), which shuttered in 2020, FOSSY is styled after FOSDEM, where the tracks and conference planning are done by those who participate.

What is the FOSS for Education track?

The FOSS For Education Community Track will provide sessions dedicated to using, developing, and managing open resources within academic environments, from multi-institutional consortia to departmental projects. The track organizers will emphasize presentations and topics highlighting the common principles, practices, benefits, challenges, and models spanning the variety of open initiatives impacting teaching and learning environments and campus administration.