Opencast & Pandemic Response: 20,000 recordings at UP Valencia in the last 3 months

As part of the pandemic response plan Universitat Politècnica de València decided to use a weekly 50% attendance system, in which half of the students attend physically each week while the next one they do remote learning.

Thus, streaming and recording of sessions have become mandatory and UPV has deployed 200 Opencast lecture halls to cover the demand. Up to December 3rd, 19,315 lectures have been recorded & processed.

Key factors in the Opencast deployment have been the ability to automate the recording of sessions directly from the Student Information System, the quality of recordings and the ability to restrict the access to the actually enrolled students through the LMS.

Proof of success of the experience and the capabilities of Opencast to scale up is the UPV has decided to enlarge its recording infrastructure to 500 lecture halls for the next semester.