Project Spotlight: openEQUELLA

openEQUELLA is a central digital repository that places all your content within reach. openEQUELLA sits at the heart of your EdTech stack and connects seamlessly with your existing platforms to establish a single source of truth for your learning data. House teaching and learning, research, media library, skills content, and more in collections that can be open, closed, or a mix of both. Here are some examples of how openEQUELLA is being used:

TAFE Queensland (TQ) - enabled the creation of a collection for use across 60+ local and international locations. TQ created master product collections that immediately increased content sharing and reduced duplicate effort. Content updates are put through a workflow management process to ensure quality and a consistent student experience. The lifecycle is visible, including license and quality details, at a glance, assisting with regulation, quality, and compliance issues.

Swinburne University of Technology - provides a centralized digital media platform for staff and teachers, where files can be easily cataloged, searched, and used. Use was extended to service all of the institution's internal resources and historic collections made open to the public as a significant cultural archive. Customized permissions allowed their team to use granular controls not available in pre-configured platforms. Standardized approvals workflow ensures quality and consistency, even across large collections with thousands of contributions.

Macquarie University (MQ) - formed the basis of their copyright management system and a centralized digital repository for library resources, learning and teaching, and multimedia content. openEQUELLA's interoperability meant that MQ could respond with flexibly to changing needs, including the development of a custom integration. With content controls managed seamlessly within openEQUELLA, teachers, and staff can focus on the content they're producing and how it can be used.

Once staff discover how easy it is to use - there's no stopping them.

openEquella All your content, within reach

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