Recap ESUP-Days #25 / Apereo Paris 2018

Three months ago, the fourth annual ESUP-Days/Apereo Paris conference took place, a joint event organized by the ESUP-Portail Consortium and the Apereo Foundation. And as we hoped for, it turned out to be a great success!
More than a hundred people attended the event and dozens of others followed the live stream throughout the day.
This year’s conference was an opportunity to catch up on –and get a glimpse of things to look forward to in the latest and/or upcoming versions of– Apereo projects like uPortal (portal of services), Karuta(e-portfolios), OAE (next-gen collaboration platform)...
The keynote presentation –given by Ian Dolphin (Apereo) and Michael Webb (Jisc)– focused on Learning Analytics, a globally trending topic in the Higher Ed community, providing some valuable information especially in regards to the upcoming application of the GDPR.
Other sessions centered on solutions developed in France like ESUP-Pay (online payment), Pod (video management software), ESUP-Publisher/ESUP-lecture/Flash-Infos (editorial content manager solutions for portals) and finally a preconfigured Grouper package to help institutions deploy this solution.
All sessions were recorded and, thanks to the amazing work of our translators, full English versions are now available… More details at:
If we are beyond delighted to have had that much participants, we are especially proud and grateful for the diversity of the program and the quality of the sessions, which are things we obviously cannot take credit for. We would therefore thank all the speakers who were willing to take part in this conference to share their knowledge, insight and expertise with our community members. All presentations were highly valued and appreciated by the audience, so once again, thank you!
We will let you know when (not if!) the next edition will occur. In the meantime, we hope you will have a wonderful time at the Open Apereo 2018 conference in a few weeks.
The Organization Committee
(Composed of representatives from the ESUP-Portail Consortium and the Apereo Foundation)