Sakai Bellwether Brainstorming Series - Dashboards, Notifications, and Activity Streams

Announcing the Sakai Bellwether Brainstorming Series
This is a new Sakai education program series to be offered by Longsight. There is no cost to register, and sessions are open to the public. Sakai Bellwether Brainstorming is a three-part series of interactive discussions on a variety of Sakai topics/tools, ranging from tool-focused enhancement and feature requests, to more comprehensive and future-focused objectives. Attendees will help determine the direction of the conversations. The goal of the series is to gather user feedback and generate creative ideas for better meeting current and future LMS needs. Join us in our exploration as we map the trends and explore the path forward. Come be a bellwether! 
All sessions held at 10AM Eastern Time in GoToWebinar.
April 11: Dashboards, Notifications, and Activity Streams - How should users be kept up to date about course activity and events?