Sakai Docs Ride Along

New Date and Time for the Docs "Ride Along!" 

Date: Friday, September 8
Time: 10 am Eastern or see Your timezone
Your Action: Join us! See what's involved in creating the Sakai online help documentation, out of curiosity or if you are considering helping with this task. 

Description of the Sakai Docs ride along:
Wilma Hodges, Longsight, and Chair of the Sakai Docs group, will provide a brief overview of the Sakai documentation process and then work on updating documentation for Sakai 12, while we watch. We are hoping this will give a sense of what is involved in participating in updating the Sakai 12 docs and we are looking for volunteers. Help is needed! Documentation is a great way for non-technical people to be involved in contributing in an important way to the Sakai release.

Logistics: room 2  pw: apereo

Optional Homework: