Save the Date: Apereo Lightning Talk Pitch Event

Have an idea for an enhancement to an existing Apereo Project?

Now is your chance to make your voice heard! Participate in a Lightning talk “Pitch” exercise. Pitch your idea to the community. Get attention. Get support. Make it happen!

To sign up, email farm[at]apereo[dot]org.  4 - 6 slots are available at 5 minutes each with time at the end for questions.

Thursday, January 19, 2017
10:00 am Eastern time
Your timezone  -

Room 1
Pw apereo

Pitching ideas to enhance existing Apereo projects: Bedework, CAS, Karuta, Open Academic Environment (OAE), Opencast, Sakai, Student Success Plan, UniTime, uPortal, Xerte, or even incubation projects like OpenDashboard or Tsugi.


Sakai - posting assignments relative to course start date

Apereo process - using Github pages for project websites

Image Quiz (Apereo incubation project) - better integration with other tools

Sakai - continued improvements to make Morpheus (responsive design) easier to customize locally. 

Sakai - on either modern ways to log into Sakai (mobile, oauth) or expanding xAPI support for analytics.  

5 minutes per presentation maximum.
4 - 6 presentations.
Time for Q&A.