"Student Pulse" Visualizations for Learning Analytics Open Dashboard

Unicon is developing several new visualizations using the OpenDashboard framework. The visualizations are called “Student Pulse” and are meant to show the level of activity of students in a course. This feature gives instructors a visualization of whether and how students are participating over time.

Instructors can view student activity over time, and by what time of day or what day or the week students are accessing the system. They also have the capability to find out whether students have opened the resources and materials that were posted for a given assignment. Instructors can access the Student Pulse from within their LMS course via LTI. The code will be available soon in the Apereo GitHub.
Student Pulse is one of the components of a new service offering from Unicon called LA Quick Start. LA Quick Start provides a way for institutions to quickly get started with learning analytics with minimal up-front investment.