Student Timetabling & Scheduling with UniTime

The process of scheduling individual students to classes is often treated like a holiday sale at a department store. Classes are put on display and students queue up to get a popular course or a particular class section offered at a favored time. While this is an easy and well-understood process, it is often difficult for students who are not early in the queue to find workable combinations of classes needed to graduate or make progress on their degree requirements.

UniTime provides a number of features that can improve this process: student course demands can be used to create a course timetable that better meets student educational needs; students can be provided with initial schedules based on their pre-registrations; historic or curricular course requirements can be used to automatically reserve space in classes for students that are yet to come.

In this webinar, we will discuss how UniTime can assist university administrators as well as individual students during the student scheduling process and provide a few examples from Purdue University

The webinar will be hosted in Big Blue Button

November 9th, 2016 at Noon US Eastern
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