uPortal Presentation at Educause 2016 Now Available

U of Wisconsin-Madison Lead Strategist and Apereo Board of Directors Chair Jim Helwig's presentation at Educause 2016 on a user experience-led redesign of the U of Wisconsin instance of uPortal, is now available on the conference website. Helwig's presentation unpacks the reasons behind two key observations for software success in our post-portal world:

  • It’s not about the technology; it’s not a destination. What we are talking about is really a gateway, strategy, or service that helps users quickly find what they need to take action.                                            
  • It’s identifying and prioritizing actions that your campus community are trying to take and creating a curated set of cards or widgets that are contextualized to your campus and perhaps aware of the roles a person has.

View the entire presentation on the Educause site.