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El Valor de una Fundación Comunitaria 2.0 (en Español PDF)

La Valeur d'une Fondation "Open" 2.0 (en Français PDF)

The initial document, published in April 2012  The Value of a Common Foundation: The Case for Apereo 1.0 (English PDF)


The Apereo Foundation is a vibrant and value-driven organization. Apereo has a noteworthy history celebrating two strong organizations, the Sakai Foundation and Jasig. Most significantly, our incubation process - reshaped after considerable community consultation -  helps software communities on the path to sustainable innovation. Incubation benefits for both projects, in terms of structured support in their early stages, and adopters, in terms of clarity around the steps young projects have taken to guarantee Intellectual Property Rights, and build a sustaining community.

As part of the process of exploring a potential merger of the Sakai Foundation and Jasig, the two organizations produced a joint statement of common values. This statement is available from this page, together with pieces exploring the benefits of open source software in both general terms, and in the specific context of education.

Benifits and Value of Open Source Software

The Value of Open Source Software
Read about the value of Open Source Software (OSS) as part of the landscape for technical and non-technical companies. There are many advantages when a company chooses to adopt OSS.

The Value of Open Source Software for Education
Read about the importance of OSS to educational institutions including specific examples from NYU's faculty satisfaction surveys.