Video: Lecture capture at The University of Manchester. Opting (-out) to enhance the student experience

The University of Manchester is a large, comprehensive research-intensive institution that currently has over 36,000 students on campus and 6,400 staff, including 2,200 academics. Disciplines across the University range from anthropology to zoology, and almost everything else in between. Teaching and learning activities take place in a wide-range of classroom and lecture theatre settings, with the largest spaces capable of seating 750 students at a time. Lecture recording at the University began as an enthusiasts-only venture but, over the course of the last two years in particular has become an expected mainstream. Manchester has all of its 340 central teaching spaces equipped with lecture capture technology. We record something approaching 40,000 hours of teaching and learning activities per academic year, and these recordings are accessed in excess of 2 million times by students. During this talk I will highlight some of the technological and cultural difficulties in such wide-scale adoption of lecture capture technology over a comparatively short space of time.