Webinar - Static or Dynamic Content: Decide why, when and how to reuse content resources in Sakai

LAMP Consortium Webinars Fall 2020

Date: October 8, 2020

Time:  2:00 PM Eastern US (11:00 AM Pacific, 7:00 PM England, 8:00 PM Europe)

Title:  Static or Dynamic Content:  Decide why, when and how to reuse content resources in Sakai

Presenter:  Rob Keeney, Grafton TDS


Have you ever sent an email with an attached document only to realize after you sent it the document needed something fixed (a typo, incorrect or changed information)?
Suppose you create a document and upload it to multiple courses, then need to update the document. That means updating the document (statically) in each of the courses. Perhaps there's a better way. Why not automatically (dynamically) have the most current version of the document always available to your students, no matter how many courses it's in?

During the LAMP Web Conference on October 8, 2020 we will discuss strategies to create and use dynamic documents as Sakai resources, when it's appropriate to do so (and not), the benefits and efficiencies of the strategy, and learn how to arrange your resources to facilitate this strategy.

The conference will be hosted by Rob Keeney, who calls himself the Talent Coach for his training and consulting company, Grafton TDS, Inc. Keeney has been coaching and training sales people and managers in the foodservice distribution industry for over 25 years. He uses the Sakai LMS as a key support tool in his training classes.

We look forward to seeing you then.

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