Apereo is registered in the State of New Jersey, USA, and governed by an elected Board of Directors. Board elections normally occur once per year. Typically, three board members retire and their replacements are elected by organizational representatives. Any individual may be nominated for the board, or may nominate themselves. In addition to elected board members, the board has the right to appoint up to four additional representatives. A list of the current board members can be found under the section Leadership

Membership and Leadership


Welcome to Apereo

Apereo is a network of institutions like yours. We support software used in thousands of educational institutions worldwide. Software developed and maintained by the Apereo Community includes -​

Apereo Member Organizations

The following is a complete list of the current Apereo Foundation member organizations.

Board Meeting Minutes

The Apereo Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month. Minutes of meetings are recorded and posted here for community review.


  • Apereo Staff
  • Apereo Board


2015-2016 Apereo Annual Report

The Apereo Foundation Annual Report represents a summary of Foundation activity over the course of the year 2015-2016. It is presented to the Apereo Annual General Meeting, which in 2016 takes place at NYU in New York City, 22nd to 26th May 2016. 

Apereo Annual Report 2014-2015

During the course of 2014-15 Apereo grew and matured as an organization. We maintained our open approach to community and software development, whilst learning to apply open approaches to new contexts

Newsletter Archive

Archive of newsletters for the Apereo Foundation 2013-2018. 

Plan for Consolidation

Material on the consolidation is provided here for historical reasons.